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When you arrive in Dubai, one of the best ways to explore your surroundings is to set up just one of the many tours in Dubai City that are available.

A city tour is a great introduction to Dubai and a perfect way to get to know both the ancient culture of Dubai as well as the modern aspect to the second largest emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Not only will the city tours help you get your bearings but it will also allow you to see everything you want in a short period of time.

There are a few things you should be aware of when taking one of the city tours.

When you book a city tour it is important to make sure you have an English speaking guide.

Although most do, there are some that cater to different cultures so it is essential that you ask first before paying the money.

Most city tours pick you up at the hotel and drop you off after, which is much more convenient than meeting up somewhere. Find out the exact times that they come to get you so that you can be ready and prepared.

Unless you are taking the “Big Bus” tour, most of the city tours have luxury air conditioned coaches or mini-bus transportation so that you can see the city in cool comfort. The Big Bus tour is the only one that has a double decker bus in which you can sit out on top so you can easily see the amazing views of the city.

A sample of the Dubai sightseeing tours includes a drive to the new and more modern section of Dubai that includes attractions such as the Burj Al Arab hotel, which is the world’s only seven star hotel. You will also travel through Jumeirah beach which is loaded with four and five star resorts that are worth seeing.

However, a good Dubai city tour will also take you on an exploration of the older parts of the city that are untouched by development. This is where you will see the true Islamic charm and architecture. You will most likely visit the Dubai Museum, the Jumeirah Mosque which is located in the Bastakia district, and you will be able to see some of the oldest houses in the palm Dubai.

Watch this 6 minute video taken from the Big Bus Tour while in transit

You may follow up your morning bus tour with a ride on the Abra which is the local water taxi that goes across the Dubai creek; which is a tour in itself. This will bring you to the gold and spice souks (markets) that are all the rage in Dubai Palm Island.

The souks are a string of shops that dazzle you with goods and give you some of the best bargains in the Middle East. Most likely you will have time to stroll through the souks before boarding the bus and heading back to the hotel. Most Dubai city tours last from 3 to 5 hours with some stopping for lunch or longer excursions.

Most Dubai city tours pick you up in the morning or early afternoon depending on capacity and will cost between $40 and $50 USD per person. Gratuities are optional, however they are well received, and some tours include complimentary beverages as you sit back and tour the city.

Keep in mind that the weather is warm so comfortable summer clothing is preferred. When taking pictures, you should never take a photograph of an Arab woman as it is considered offensive. You should ask permission before taking pictures of the men.

Most of all, remember that Dubai is more conservative so you should dress with respect, as well as treat people with complete respect on any Dubai city tours that you take.

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