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Hi, both Kish & Sunil here to talk about Dubai controversies

Controversies are an inevitable beast anytime you have aggresive and ambitious leaders involved in designing a fast growing world class city.

And we are not talking just any city, we are talking about the one of its kind Dubai City.

We decided to include this section and plan on continue to grow it to bring you the latest and most meaningful Dubai controversies.

We are talking about core issues that provoke thought and are mass applicable to society as a whole.

Anytime you have good you also have bad. Dubai City is one such place.

There is so much good happening so fast in front of our eyes that sometimes it is difficult to see the underlying realities.

Many say that the Government tries very hard to shadow the realities so that inhabitants and tourists do not see what real Dubai is.

We would definitely like to hear your thoughts on where you stand on this issue.

Please share your experiences (fact, fiction or opinion it doesn't matter).

The idea is to stimulate minds and make us all think of more beyond just the surface level of certain discussions that we come across about Dubai City.

Watch this eye opening video on Dubai's dirty secrets produced by an extensive ABC investigation.

Dubai Controversies - The Dark Side of Dubai

This Dubai controversy discussion is in light of the article published by Chris Davidson, who is a fellow of the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Durham University and a former assistant professor in Dubai.

Censorship in Dubai

This article focuses on Dubai?s double standard on what?s allowed and what isn?t. Dubai is notorious for censoring whatever it wants, from print media, to TV channels to Internet websites.

Dubai Cosmopolis

This is another controversial and heavy hitting article on Dubai City by Faisal Devji, who is an assistant professor of history at New School University in New York.

Dubai Ports World Controversy

Straight from the International Herald Tribune, the Dubai Ports World Controversy made a lot of news in the US and a lot of noise in Congress. Definitely a good read if you are not aware of what happened back in 2006.

Pressures on Dubai

This is a very insightful on Dubai and how its government has handled/is handling politics and business. Dubai certainly has a tough balance to strike and I agree that it has to be very careful in how it deals with the global interest and influence of the many countries it is affiliated with.

Transformation of Dubai from a Youngster's Perspective

This excellent article on Dubai?s progress under Western influence is a terrific representation of what Dubai has really gone through in the past few years.

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