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Dubai Desert Safari – Choosing The Right One

Hi, Sunil here to talk about choosing the right Dubai desert safari

Typically you have four choices when it comes to choosing a desert safari tour.

There is the morning desert safari, the evening desert safari, the overnight desert safari and then there is the dinner only desert safari.

Each one offers something different for you to enjoy.

The morning Dubai desert safari is perfect if you are short on time or you are more interested in adventure rather than relaxation.

Leaving the Dubai Palm Islands you can reach the desert in about 45 minutes.

Most morning desert safari’s start around 9 am where a car will pick you up.

Upon arrival in the desert you get about 30 minutes to enjoy some dune bashing, 15 to 30 minutes of quad biking and then you have some more time to enjoy camel riding and sand skiing depending upon the safari.

Dubai Desert Safari

There are no meals provided on the morning safari but you should be offered some beverages to cool your thirst after a hard morning at work. Most morning desert safari’s last around 2 to 3 hours in total and will have you back to your hotel by noon. This is a great short safari that will still give you the exhilaration that you want but will go before you know it.

The next option you have for a Dubai desert safari is the evening desert safari. Lasting around 6 hours it is a mixture of both relaxation and excitement. When you leave your hotel in Dubai you are taken along a drive that includes photography opportunities.

Usually you will stop at a camel farm and then you will head into the heart of the desert where you will see the gorgeous sunset. When you reach the campsite you will have the chance to take a camel ride or do some sand boarding. You can even try a henna design on your hands or feet while you relax in between the dunes.

Before long they will be serving a typical Arabian meal and after dinner you can sit back and watch the belly dancing show around the campfire. Under the stars it really is one of the most wonderful things to do in Dubai. You absolutely must bring your camera for this one!

Something to look forward to at the end of the day - Belly dancing entertainment while you enjoy your meal

If you are a person who is a bit more conservative and want to avoid the death defying activities like dune bashing then you can simply take the dinner only Dubai desert safari. Instead of taking a camel ride or heading out on the dunes you are picked up and brought right to the campsite where you enjoy dinner, belly dancing, music, and a starlight campfire. Usually lasting around 4 hours this is perfect for the people who are strictly into relaxing.

Finally you have the overnight desert safari. This includes everything in the previously mentioned safaris such as camel riding, dune bashing, picture taking, and dinner, belly dancing, and sitting under the stars in the middle of the desert. However, this also includes sleeping bags and tents so that you can stay overnight and enjoy breakfast on the dunes as well.

It really is a complete safari with plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy. You want to make sure you carry all of your essentials but not too much because it won't be able to fit in the relatively small 4WD that will be picking you up at the hotel. Also, if you are doing this safari the first night you are in Dubai or the last night, you should leave your luggage at the hotel because there will be no room for it in the car.

A few towels, a toothbrush, a hairbrush and a change of clothes might suffice as you will be dropped back at your hotel after it is over so you can freshen up. When it comes to taking a vacation in Dubai or simply enjoying while you are there, this is one experience you really shouldn’t miss.

I highly recommend the 4 x 4 desert safari tour. We have done is multiple times and it gets better each time we go. You can save up to 70% if you book with us.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour

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