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Dubai DVD Review - Dubai, Inc. by 60 Minutes

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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the best Dubai DVD ever (in my opinion)!

I got this DVD Dubai, Inc. back in 2007 and felt like it was one of the most well rounded presentations of Dubai’s current situation as well as where it is heading in the future.

60 Minutes - Dubai DVD

The interview is conducted by 60 minutes and some very difficult and direct questions were asked from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the ruler of Dubai as of 2008).

There are not very many public appearances of Sheikh Mohammed and this is quite an extensive one.

Just notice the Sheik’s reaction when asked about ties to Iraq and funding nations that are anti-American.

I just found it very interesting, particularly since I know about the history between Dubai and the United States (mainly the Bush’s and the royal family of Dubai). I won’t get into all that here though.

Let’s focus on the video.

The DVD focuses on Dubai’s transformation since the mid 1990s to current day and how it has established itself as the best of the best in what seems like overnight.

You will see all the recent developments such as the man-made islands.

All the credit for the development is tied back to one man – the Sheikh who is being interviewed.

The DVD is very reasonable priced (I got it for $16) and definitely worth the watch. I have shown it to many colleagues who are not as aware of Dubai as you and I might be and they were truly blown away. This DVD can seriously turn a person not so aware of Dubai into a Dubai enthusiast.

It's very hard not to after watching this DVD!

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