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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Dubai employment scene with you

Employment in Dubai has never been as active and livelier before, with workers getting rights institutionalized and new opportunities booming all around for everyone.

It is a new height as far as work in Dubai goes by with new developments fuelling the work openings all over the place.

Dubai has become an employment hotspot today with the rapid developments coming through on almost every frontier.

It is no wonder that we can find at least 20 new companies opening up shop here on an everyday basis.

Now 20 companies are understandable in an entire state like Connecticut or Michigan.

But 20 companies in one city every day? You better believe it. No where else but in Dubai is this happening.

Unemployment in Dubai was high or at least normal before 1985. But ever since the creation of the Jebel Ali Free Zone and with many other free zones popping all over the place, the employment scene has changed drastically. We all know that these free zones are great for business.

But what we may not know is that these free zones have attracted all kinds of domestic companies and international ones that have decreased unemployment in Dubai to a mere 1.8%. Sure, some of you may think that 1.8% unemployment is still a negative stain on the economy, but it is nothing more than a blip when compared on a global level. Do you know what unemployment is in the USA? China? It certainly makes 1.8% looks like nothing.

You may even think that unemployment in Dubai is ‘sub normal’ when compared to some of the top cities of the world. Currently, there are arguments and debates all around whether such a low level of unemployment is healthy for the economy in the long run or not.

I am not an economist but I certainly fail to see why a healthy employment figure should be harmful to the economy. Take what you are given now. No one has seen the future and who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Their arguments are basically this; the ‘free zone’ attraction that domestic and international companies currently have may not last forever. But as it is, jobs are opening up in diverse fields such as marketing, engineering, IT, construction, medicine, media, and hospitality to name a few.

The free zones provide the companies with access to a very liberal business atmosphere with top of the line infrastructure. With access to high end technology and the very best in resources, the Dubai employment scene has changed from the dismal pre-1985 to a kind of a ‘swashbuckling’ post 1985. I guess, you can say that the ‘free zone’ idea kick started off a revolution, not just for attracting foreign capital but also for jobs in Dubai.

The creation of Dubai jobs offer unprecedented opportunities not just to the locals but to a whole range of expats, from countries like United States, UK, India, China, Malaysia and Australia amongst many others. Dubai is the favorite job seekers destination and is bound to be so for a long time to come.

It has been the dream of every government to have 0% unemployment and Dubai is one of the very few who can actually make it happen. The Dubai economy is strong and with new developments in the making, it is only a matter of time before unemployment becomes a thing of the past!

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