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Let’s acquaint you with Dubai girls and share with you that the women in Dubai are no different from any of the women in the world.

Dubai is a highly patriarchal country where tradition dictates that men provide for their families while women stay at home to care for their house and children but because the world is rapidly evolving allowing roles, responsibilities, and expectations to change, Dubai women are slowly taking on a different road.

Still inspired but not anymore completely bound to traditional values and cultural beliefs, girls in Dubai have empowered themselves to be educated, have claimed achievements in various fields and have chosen careers to make something out of themselves.
This route has been laid out by the late President Sheikh Zyed bin Sultan Al Nahya who sparked the notion that women in Dubai should have their distinctive role in society where they are to actively take part in every aspect of the development of the nation.

The 1971 constitution of the United Arab Emirates gave women equal rights to education and to practice their chosen careers. Tangible proof of this is that the illiteracy rate of girls in Dubai has fallen from a staggering 85% to an exultant 7.6% in the year 2005.

Young women in Dubai have been joining the workforce while established Dubai women in the upper social classes have been ascending to positions of authority and influence. Dubai girls have to some extent gotten the blessing of the tradition laden elderly and men in their nation.

Although still many women in Dubai have chosen a quite life for themselves, it is refreshing to know that when they desire to quest for a profession, they actually are now able to. 

Dubai girls have also been enjoying not only economic freedom but fashion freedom as well.  Underneath their shailah or head scarf and abaya or black robes when out in town, Dubai girls have been sporting the latest trends in fashion in the world today.

Women in Dubai have been known to shop abroad to get hold of the finest labelled fashion finds other women in the world would only dream of. Dubai women have also found a way around tradition during parties where their shailah, instead of being a dark heavy cloth, is now made of a sheer luxurious material of color to cover their open neck and shoulders revealing a little bit but not too much.

Inside their home, young women in Dubai where princess style house dresses either short sleeved or almost shoulder-free in a very colourful and expressive fabric. Although hidden in their abayas, the girls are known to love and wear expensive jewelleries made of gold or Swarowski crystals. Many Dubai women try to push the boundaries of tradition and culture to become more fashionable and expressive whenever possible.

Truly my friend, these girls are no different from other girls in the world but they surely nothing but ordinary for they are intelligent, beautiful, family-centered, career-oriented, and fashionable women. 

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