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Hi, Kish here to talk about the Dubai gold jewelry

We women are often vilified as ‘shopaholics’, fine so be it.

I really do not see any reason to apologize for doing something that most of us love to do anyway, which is to SHOP!

The one place that we can shop till we drop, literally, is this city.

For here, all that glitters is gold especially where the various souks of Dubai are concerned.

If you are staying at the Hyatt Regency, then you should have a bird’s eye view of the souk near it.

The dazzling display that this souk puts on should be enough to startle you into total silence.

As you look at the scintillating display of bangles, earrings and gold necklaces, you should be able to take in the near perfection of the Dubai gold jewelry in all its detail.

The Dubai gold jewelry is world renown for the various designs and the detailed handiwork that have been performed on each and every individual piece.

Everyone knows this fact all over the world.

That is why many women go out of their way and comes to Dubai to shop for gold jewelry!

If you are looking to purchase jewelry then you should be heading to the alleyways of the Deira area where the gold souk is. This is the place where you will find what you need in gold, diamonds and other precious stones, rather than anywhere else in Dubai.

But before I go any further, here is a tip as far as the gold souks are concerned, keep your purchases simple and do not forget to haggle. That is extremely important especially if you are looking for the deal of the year. Now if you are going all the way to Dubai to get your gold, then you better make sure you are getting a deal!

The gold souks are fantastic especially as you take in the way that the designs have been worked over in minute detail over each and every individual piece. Most of the jewelry has either an Indian design or an Arabic one, but you can always get the jewelers at the souk to design you the piece individually for you at very little cost.

Dubai Gold Jewelry

I did exactly that as I could not find what I wanted, so I got them to make me a nice necklace with a customized pendent. But do take care to check the settings of any item you purchase at the souks. My friend had a gold necklace with a diamond pendant custom made only to have a couple of diamonds fall out of their setting the minute we landed back in the States.

So whether you purchase jewelry as it is or you are having it custom made, make it a point to double check the setting. The Dubai gold souks are getting to be slightly infamous for passing off items with loose setting to the customers, so make sure that you are not one of them. There is very good jewelry to be purchased here. Just make sure you examine it properly for fitting and durability.

You can get the Dubai gold jewelry in various karats, from the 18K all the way to 24K. You can generally identify the 24K by the extremely bright sheen it has, but it is always preferable to purchase the 21K as opposed to the 24K because the 24K is more malleable (soft and bendable), which means that it is more likely to give away under pressure.

Of course professional jewelers combat this by combining an alloy with the 24K to give it an additional strength. But personally I would much rather not take that risk. In order to get the best prices at the gold souks, you should head down there sometime during the month long Dubai Shopping Festival, a time for throwaway prices.

The dates very every year but mostly it is between January and February. So make sure you don’t spend all your money over Christmas and New Years because Dubai has all the best deals to offer you in January!

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