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What Kinds Are There? Where Does It Come From?

Hi, Kish here to talk about Dubai gold, arguably the best gold in the world

So if you are heading to Dubai for the gold then the best time to go would be some where in the first quarter of the year, as that is the time when the best deals for the Dubai gold are offered.

My first time shopping in Dubai for gold was an experience that is probably going to stay with me for quite a while and I can tell you that the place you need to head for some of the best jewelry pieces would be the gold souk at Deira.

The gold souk at Deira may probably remind you of a bazaar and you would not be all that far off the mark.

In reality, that is what they are, a gold bazaar, offering everything from actual ingots to bangles with everything else, thrown in between, a fact that seems to be too good to be true for us women.

Dubai gold souk - Deira side

Can you imagine a place where you can purchase just about anything in gold, for rock –bottom prices? Well, this is the place that you would have imagined. A place that is all too real. Like I had said, you can get anything here in gold and not just the usual Yellow gold, but white, red and even green gold while you are still at it.

Most of the gold here is sourced from India, and generally they are of the 18K variety. The gold then undergoes a sort of finishing process at this end where it is smelted with various alloys, converting it to 24K. Naturally, it is during this process that your white, red as well as green gold are produced. This is generally done by the addition of a few alloys that tend to bleach out the yellow color of the gold.

White gold is considered to be lucky and is often used as a part of the bridal jewelry set. So if you are planning on walking down the aisle, you may want to take a second look at some of the white gold jewelry sets that the gold souks are bound to have.

The one problem that I had with these shops in the gold souk is that they tend to rush you a bit, so you may end up not noticing any flaw in the pieces that you had chosen. Of course, this may be a strategy on the part of the traders but never mind that. Take your own time to examine each and every piece.

Dubai gold souk - Deira side

Make sure that you examine the clasp properly, for a loose clasp can make you lose the jewelry altogether. So while examining the piece, run your hands over the back of the necklace, especially over the clasp, just to make sure that you do not end up losing it somewhere in a parking lot.

The Dubai gold souk certainly delivers the very best in gold at the most attractive rates. But that does not mean that the traders will not try and push a ‘dud’ piece on to you. I cannot stress it enough here, take your own time while examining each piece.

The Dubai gold is certainly in demand all over the world and I am sure that you would want to purchase some at the very earliest. It is advisable to do a bit of window shopping first so that you can see which traders are offering the very best for the least.

It is important to haggle as the traders here expect the shoppers to do so. Negotiating will ALWAYS bring the price further down. One way or the other, this is the place to head to for the very best in gold, be it ingots or necklaces.

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