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Dubai History is Very Rich!

Hello everyone this is Lisa with some Dubai history for you.

I am a big history buff and enjoyed my recent trip to Dubai learning about their history.

I was in Dubai early in 2008 with my 2 kids. We did the whole sightseeing and the big bus tour and everything.

We also went to the water park and the souks.

I believe the Dubai souks are a big part of the history of Dubai.

So this was a good way to tell my kids that we are going shopping. But I was really interested in the market.

Before going to Dubai I had already read quite a bit about the history of Dubai.

But experiencing it in person is a completely different experience.

It’s amazing to me how this small fishing village can turn into a beast with buildings of all kinds and heights.

It is simply amazing.

The history of Dubai doesn’t go very far back but that is because no one wrote about it.

I can’t find anything at least post 40-50 years back. Everything seems fresh and as if we are writing our own history on Dubai today as the city grows.

If you are passionate about history and would like to learn about the city you are in I recommend going to the Dubai museum where the Al Fahidi Fort is. You can also see all kinds of architecture in Dubai while in the city as well as when you leave the city and go toward the museum. It’s an amazing place, just observe the contrast and the changes you see as you drive around.

Dubai history is not very old, but it is very rich. If you read about how Dubai got from where it was to where it is now you will be very impressed about what this small city has been able to do in a short time. I certainly wish to go back and enjoy some more of it. It is a place worth seeing for anyone.

-Sandra P.

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