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Kish here to talk about the Dubai honeymoon experience

To be fair, let me disclose right now that Sunil and I did not do our honeymoon in Dubai. After all, this is where was I was brought up and have seen enough of it in the regular day to day course.

And if you are curious, Sunil and I took a long trip to Puerto Rico and then went island hoping in St. Thomas, St. John, St. this and St. that as well.

But Dubai is more than just a global city and a business hub – it’s also a place for romance!

It’s a posh, amazing city situated in the heart of the Middle East, spanning a vast natural harbor and the gleaming waters of the Gulf of Oman.

With a whole lot of things to do like shopping, sightseeing, fine dining, swimming, sunbathing, golf, or sand bashing, a Dubai honeymoon is a dream post-wedding celebration for newlyweds!

Dubai is located within a vicinity of many mountains and deserts, so this chic international metropolitan area definitely boasts of world class beaches and the most luxurious accommodation to which Western tourists are comfortable with.

Dubai is quickly climbing up the ranks of the world’s most popular and sought after cities owing it to the absence of air pollution, poverty, and traffic jams (though this is become a problem) as well as the low crime rate. Foreigners inhabit more than three quarters of Dubai’s population, giving an exotic and multi-ethnic touch to the city.

Nonetheless, Dubai has a unique, native hint of its own. Its acclaimed beaches are endowed with sparkling blue water and fine, golden sand. Newlyweds will never run out of things to do in the city – trying out extraordinary gourmet cuisine, shopping at the world’s biggest malls, and dancing the night away at the city’s wide assortment of entertainment, bars and nightclubs.

Some tips if you are considering honeymooning in Dubai. A romantic cruise along “The Creek” aboard a luxurious boat of the Dubai Dhow is a must, where you can eat a sumptuous dinner from a grand buffet and stare at the magnificent and ever-changing Dubai skyline from a different perspective. Truly, this is a different kind of entertainment in Dubai, one that you most likely will not find elsewhere.

If you and your brand new spouse is interested in some serious jewelry shopping, there’s no place to go other than Dubai’s Gold Souks where you can find the best deals in jewelry selling at approximately 60% lower in price than in Europe. Be sure to bring your sunglasses though, because the shining gold everywhere can blind you – kid you not!

For a rough and rugged quality time with your loved one, visiting Dubai would not be exciting without trying the guided sand dune buggy adventure into the more remote places of Dubai, where you get to drive up and down the sand dunes. Your Dubai tour will not be complete without trying this. Watch the sunset from the desert and eat a delicious dinner underneath the stars – the Desert safari experience will surely melt your partner’s heart.

What is a Dubai honeymoon without checking into the luxurious hotels in Dubai?

The incomparable Burj Al Arab is for those who are looking for world class extravagance. If you can afford to spend thousands of dollars then check in this seven-star resort, and then have yourself the ultimate hotel experience. It is the world's tallest all-suite hotel which stands nearly a thousand feet. It is shaped like a billowing sail, and towers above the Dubai coastline.

With a reception desk on each floor, highly trained butlers to accommodate your every whim and desire, and even chauffeured Rolls-Royces available to guests, this is the tasteful tourist's accommodation of choice in the city. Let me rephrase, this is the “rich” tourist’s accommodation of choice in the city.

If that seems a bit too lavish for your tastes, and of course your bank account, then you can try the Jumeirah Beach Hotel instead. Built to look like a breaking wave, this elegant five-star hotel has its own private beach, and is located near the Wild Wadi Water Park, a famous local attraction.

If you are looking for intimacy and seclusion, head out to the Al Hamra Fort Hotel which is situated on its own private island. Amongst its amenities is a natural lagoon, desert safaris, and archaeological remains to explore, this resort is a great if you want to escape the fast-paced life in the city during your Dubai honeymoon. A thirty minute drive to the nearby Dhia Fort at sunset will give you and your loved one spectacular view.

Go and explore with your spouse on your Dubai honeymoon, and you will surely get a dose of romance and adventure you will never forget!

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