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In this article, I’ll be telling you about Dubai houses and the different types of residences in Dubai that are available to you if ever decide to visit or move to Dubai. 

Dubai has a truly eclectic housing market that has just about any type of house you're looking for.

Since a good deal of the population in Dubai is made up of ex-pats, you can expect to find many different condos as well as apartments in Dubai as these types of residences are generally more comfortable to foreigners.  

Typically, Dubai houses usually come in the form of villas which can comfortably house a family of 4 to 6.

These villas have a tendency to be a bit expensive, though, depending on the area of the city in which they are located.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3000 to $4000 per month for a nice villa in a good part of the city that is central to all of the amenities that make living in Dubai so spectacular. 

Dubai Houses

Then you will have to consider the cost of water, electricity, and other similar monthly bills in addition to the monthly rental price.

On average, you should budget at least an additional $500 to $600 for these expenses, especially if you’re like me and you like to keep your home cool all the time by running the air conditioner constantly!

It’s possible that you can find better deals on housing in Dubai but in all likelihood these prices are going to be on the low end of the scale.

It is extremely expensive to live in Dubai but there is no other place like it on Earth and as many people agree, and I’m sure you’ll agree too after going there and experiencing it firsthand, the prices are well worth it just for the atmosphere alone, not to mention all of the great and exciting things that there are to do there.

Apartments and Condos in Dubai

If you’re looking to find a cheaper alternative to a villa, you should definitely consider apartments in Dubai as well as condos in Dubai.

The rental rates on these types of residences are generally significantly cheaper than that of a villa but at the same time, it depends on the location and any amenities that are nearby and they too can be just as costly for you as a villa.

You should expect to have to pay anywhere from $1200 a month for a small, unfurnished apartment or condo up to $2500 a month (or more) for a larger, say 2 bedroom type of condo or apartment. As with living in a villa, you should also remember to budget for electricity, water, etc…

You should also be aware that when renting or leasing Dubai houses, most if not all landlords require the full year’s rental payment in advance. You’ll notice, as well, when looking for a place to live, most advertisements quote the price for the entire year’s rental. This may be negotiated if you can find a landlord who is more of a modernist instead of a traditionalist.

I hope that this information gives you a little bit of insight into what it will be like when looking for a place to live in Dubai!



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