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The Dubai Investment Company is Like Berkshire Hathaway on Steroids

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the investment giant; the Dubai Investment Company

The Investment scene in Dubai is ‘piping hot’ with many companies breaking into the scene regularly.

We have all heard of ‘investment companies”.

Generally they offer the pubic a portal to handle investment needs.

The unique thing about Dubai Investment Company is that their focus is more on Dubai than anything else, hence the name.

Not only is it working day and night to make Dubai more prosperous, but the company also offers pretty much everything in financial and investment services to residents of Dubai. The other great thing about the Dubai Investment Company is that they act in a private equity capacity by investing in other companies as well as other similar investment programs all around the world.

There are groups of experts within the company who evaluate each investment before making a purchasing or selling decision.

These experts have a fiduciary responsibility not only to Dubai, but also to the residents of Dubai as they are also allowed to contribute their hard earned cash to this “private equity fund-like” organization.

With more and more companies banding up together under the banner of the DIC, clients can now get access to a wide variety of financial services, with real estate services featured more than before.

While the focus of such a group was more local than international, with the focus resting primarily on the Dubai stock market, of late (2006) it has adopted an International outlook as far as the company portfolio goes.

With the Dubai international financial exchange opening up in 2005, the investment scene became even more interesting. The stock exchange started to promote its companies to international investors, changing the investment platform for all the players alike.

The Dubai Investment Company tends to invest in various fields with real estate garnering the top bill lately. Some of the other fields that they have made huge investments in are Agriculture, Shipping and Transportation. These companies manage to attract a large number of investors and through them, an excess amount of capital which is then invested in various domestic ventures including the Dubai stock market.

The company investments according to a pre-defined ratio, while following the guidelines as established by the investment laws and various other laws and amendments. The old days of worrying as to whether one investment is doing fine or the other one is not doing so well are long gone.

The Dubai investment Company is quite well diversified and offers you an easy way to optimize your investments in such a way that you do not have to spend any more sleepless nights worrying about “putting all your eggs in one basket”. I call it Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway on Steroids!

As a client investor, you will have access to various investment plans with each plan garnering you a certain ‘return’. In this way, you can consolidate all of your investment needs under one umbrella and still be able to customize it accordingly. It’s truly a blessing for many.

With the recent developments taking place in Dubai of late, it is no surprise that giants like Emaar Properties, the leading real estate developer is now open to international investors. With the investment funds growing in size and scope, year after year, the reach of the Dubai Investment Company has grown to a whole new level today!

If you are thinking about investing in Dubai, whether buying property or setting up a business, I highly recommend you read the Dubai Secrets guide. It is compiled by investors and entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.

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