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Dubai Investments – Counting the Cash

Hi, Sunil here to discuss Dubai investments,

Investment options in Dubai are so many but given the current economic scenario, it is no wonder that most of us tend to think twice whenever we hear some one talking about investments.

True, the falling US dollar is having a resounding impact in the world markets but luckily for us, Dubai is not one of them.

Because of my financial services background, many people approach to ask for a tip or two regarding assured safe investment options.

But the reality is that no such investment option exists in Dubai or anywhere else in the world.

Every investment you make is risk prone but you can rest easy in the knowledge that most if not all of the Dubai investments are protected to one extent or the other.

That is what the government says and that’s good enough for me, for now.

So let’s take a look at a few Dubai investment options for you to park some of you money in.

The best place to start with investments would be the banks in Dubai as most of the local banks offer some great mutual fund packages.

Some of these funds have grown in size and scope, almost a 30% netting you the customer high returns in the process.

With most of the world stock markets appearing bearish (as of 2008), the local mutual funds may be the way to go. This makes sense especially with the way that the local stock market has been performing of late, being bullish all the way.

Since Dubai is surrounded by the biggest oil economies, it makes good sense to invest in oil. With prices all set to tap new barriers this may be another investment option that you should take into consideration. Oil prices tend to change a bit, that’s on account of the various prospectors bidding and counter-bidding on it in the various world markets. But Crude Oil rates only have one way to go and that’s to head all the way up.

I am sure that you must have noticed the various building projects taking place all over Dubai. Real estate as an investment option is fast turning out to be the safest bet of the whole lot with the current boom in the real estate market. The real estate prices are surging ahead on account of the demand and supply situation currently existing here.

With few properties to rent and fewer still to buy, the real estate prices are booming with an ever growing population demanding more all the time. The surge in expats is adding more fuel to the fire with some of the property prices bordering on the edge of being ridiculous. No wonder that real estate in Dubai is being seen by many as a quick way to make a buck.

But that aside, investing in real estate or in one of the leading developers like Emaar properties is a good call. The returns in a few years should be enough to make anyone grin like the Cheshire cat.

Buying a property may be a costly adventure but given the fact that you can take out an 80% mortgage and get a yield of 8% by way of rent, it should turn out to be a profitable venture in a very short amount of time. Don’t forget that property prices are on the increase and you can change the rent later on (they are sky rocketing) after taking this into account.

Dubai investments are as good as any other, if not much more lucrative and safer. In scope and size, they offer you a valuable opportunity to make some good money by investing some of your savings.

The UAE as a whole has proven to be one safe bet where there seems to be many options, with the only downside being the impact of a sudden decline in oil prices. But this either may or may not affect the Dubai’s economy given the fact that oil revenues contribute only about 6% to Dubai’s economy.

This discussion does not present my personal opinion or advice. Do not consider any of this professional advice. I strongly recommend you talk to a licensed expert who would charge you a fee for their services.

This discussion is intended to mainly outline some of the investment opportunities that are popular in Dubai. If you have read the various other discussions on this website, you must already know how I personally feel about certain things such as investing in Dubai real estate.

That said, if you are going to invest in Dubai real estate or set up a business as an entrepreneur, I highly recommend the Dubai Secrets guide. It is the best practical guide written on investing in Dubai.

I hope that I have provided some valuable insights regarding investment options in Dubai. If you know of some that could be beneficial to include in this discussion, please let me know. I and everyone else who reads this website will be very grateful to you.

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