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Hi, Sunil here to talk about a Dubai job opportunity…

If you’re interested in getting started on the process of landing one of those lucrative Dubai jobs that you’ve heard so much about, then it makes sense to get started somewhere.

Mind you, immigrating to a different country to work, no matter how temporary, is somewhat different from regular job searches that you might be used to, so it would be helpful to at least know exactly what you should be doing.

Finding The Right Dubai Job Opportunity

Of course landing a good job in Dubai is not as simple as yelling on the street and hoping someone hires you.

Perhaps, if you’re lucky and very, very good within your field, you will be head-hunted by a top Dubai firm, however for the rest of us humble mortals; it is up to us to take the initiative.

Needless to say, there are heaps of Dubai job opportunities listed on the internet for various positions, all it takes is a few simple clicks to search and who knows what opportunities you may find in your field.

Note that it is possible to scope out Dubai while on holiday and establish contacts to find a job while there, although this method has no guarantees and it isn’t easy to find the right people to talk to in a strange new city.

Read all about Dubai jobs in this comprehensive discussion.

After Finding a Job: What Next?

Once you have located a satisfactory job, there comes the ‘hard’ part. Various things need consideration to complete the process, and the first of these should be the ‘sponsor’ that you are going to use.

A sponsor, in Dubai, is a local that acts as a guardian and guarantor, essentially taking full responsibility for you while you are in Dubai. Such a person can sometimes be found with help from the firm that you are joining.

In addition, foreign nationals that are working in Dubai are required to have both a valid visa and work permit. Again, very often employers do help out with the process, however it would be worth checking up on both this, and the need for a sponsor, with your prospective employer as soon as possible. Read all about Dubai visas in this discussion.

As a word of warning, be very careful to ensure that everything that you are doing is legit. For instance, if you are married and moving to Dubai with your entire family, should your wife wish to work she would have to obtain a separate work permit. Nothing worse than breaking the laws of another country, so better safe and read up on these things than be sorry later.

Contract Durations and Changing Jobs

Most jobs in Dubai that are given to foreign workers are contractual by nature, meaning that they last a fixed period after which, in some cases, they may be extended, or in others, terminated. Honestly, this varies on an employer-to-employer basis.

Unfortunately, work permits are handed out specific to a job, so when a contract duration is over or you wish to change jobs, ensure that all the relevant paperwork with your visa and work permit is in order before doing so.

Consider reading the time-tested and proven Dubai Job Secrets guide to cover all your corners and to ensure your chances in securing a job in Dubai are as high as possible.

Also, below is the largest database where you can find a ton of Dubai job opportunity listings. Select "UAE" in the Location field and the pick the industry of your choice.

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