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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the best book on getting a Dubai job!

I have been considering a Dubai career for some time now (as of 2011) so I went out and downloaded this eBook.

I was very satisfied with the material and would definitely recommend this book for you if you are interested in exploring Dubai careers.

The book discusses job search in Dubai, how you can find one fast that ways well.

It is organized in 10 steps that are more like individual strategies you can follow to land the Dubai job opportunity you have been looking for.

It shows you an easy and inexpensive way to do it and one that doesn’t take too much of your time. I have switched jobs before and I can tell you that the research, recruiting and interviewing process is like having another job in itself. It just takes too much time.

I started my Dubai job search after reading this book and can vouch for what the book promises.

The book is ideal for a first time Dubai job seeker or one that has been trying for quite some time with not much success. There is detailed advice for all.

The book covers a very important secret that I was shocked to hear about. But when you think about it everything makes perfect sense. The book talks about how most recruiters post up false job vacancies on their websites or distribute it all over the Internet.

They don’t do this to harm you, but rather to make them appear as they are a big recruiting house that everyone looking for a job in Dubai gravitates toward. So don’t believe everything you see out there. This is precisely the reason why so many people have been trying to get a job in Dubai for a long time. They often chase these “fake” positions that don’t exist to begin with.

The book talks about how to identify these “fakers” so you don’t end up wasting time. I cant tell you how much time I wasted before I read this book. Well I guess I was never really seriously looking for a position so I can’t say I wasted my time because of fake postings. I wasted my time regardless whether fake or real :-) Gosh I need to stop doing that!

Everyone wants to get a job in Dubai because your income isn’t taxed there. Yes, it is a tax haven. Read my detailed discussion on Dubai jobs to learn more about the benefits of working in Dubai. Labor is also very cheap in Dubai and you can hire help for very little money.

The book discusses the fact that getting a job in Dubai can be difficult because of the competition involved. So it talks about effective and proven strategies to beat the competition and even find some of the “hidden” jobs which not everyone is privy to.

The authors of this book have been there and done that. All the information provided is very practical, easy to follow and relate to. It is also very easy to put in application. I started receiving notifications in less than a week.

There is also a bonus book that comes with the jobs book. It’s called the “Science of Getting Rich” eBook. I have not read this book yet (as of 2008) but it is on my TO DO list. I don’t know there is just a certain stigma attached to “free”.

It could be the best resource in the world but I won’t put a high priority on it just because it is free. I guess we are just all used to paying for good information. I bet you I would have read it by now if I paid for it. I do not recommend you adapt the same behavior lol.

How to get a job in Dubai? -Click Here
You can even watch the first few pages of the Dubai jobs book (there is a video) to see if it is something for you before purchasing it. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this resource after you read it so make sure you come back and let me know.

Take a look at the Dubai Job Secrets guide here.

Wish you all the best with your job search in Dubai!

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