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Hi there, Sunil here to discuss Dubai Jobs with you

I felt this section of the website is important because of the economic boom Dubai city has experienced since early 2000.

There are no signs of slowing down and many multinational and local companies realize that. As a result, there has been a sonic boom of Dubai jobs all over the city.

This section is specifically important for you if you are contemplating a move to Dubai or relocating to Dubai for your current employer (maybe you have a Dubai office?).

The Best Guide to Dubai Jobs

Dubai Job Guide

The Best Guide to Dubai Jobs

If you are not, you can still learn quite a bit about Dubai jobs in this section of the website.

I personally know many that have decided to pursue Dubai careers after having visited Dubai city. Crazy isnÂ’t it?

It may sound like it, but after realizing the true benefits of a Dubai job opportunity, you will agree with me that a job in Dubai can be very lucrative indeed.

A Quick Benefit Synopsis of Dubai Jobs


As a US tax paying non residing resident or a citizen, you get a tax exclusion north of $80,000 as a single tax payer and double that (over $150,000) as a married couple. Your deductions and exemptions and all still apply. It is likely that you keep every penny of what you earn in Dubai and not pay taxes at all!

Dubai city or the country it is it (United Arab Emirates) does not tax your income so you wonÂ’t have to worry about any local taxes either.

(This is not legal or professional advice. Contact your CPA or tax planner for proper advice)

Vacation & Holiday Time

Dubai jobs are known to give generous vacation packages. Typically a 2 month personal time off schedule is not that rare! Where in the world can you get that?

Significant Salary Bumps

When I was offered multiple jobs in Dubai, each one came with a generous salary bump. Couple that with all the other incentives and bonuses and subsidies (and no tax!) you are looking at an offer no one in their same minds would decline.

But I guess I am insane. I did not take them at the time. I can get them anytime I want and may very well in the future. If it wasnÂ’t for my family I would have taken them without thinking twice.

Enough about me, Dubai jobs often come with healthy vacation packages and other benefits. For someone is a white collar corporate America type position like you may be in, jobs come with a company vehicle. And even if you have to buy your own ride, your company will typically pay for your gas bills. Quite a deal isnÂ’t it?

Global Experience You Can Take Back to USA or Anywhere Else

The reason Dubai jobs pay so much for Western experience (especially USA) is because you have seen the future for them. Stay with me here.

Think about the economy in the West (USA) back in the 1960s and 1970s. Do you remember the industrial boom? Do you remember the housing boom? Any and every other boom?

Yes my friend you have been there and done that. You may not realize how much you know or how valuable are but companies in Dubai definitely know that.

That is why they are willing to bend beyond belief and offer you such compensation packages to help them get to where the West got over just a couple decades. You see what I am saying now?

You have seen the future. Going to Dubai for a job opportunity is like going back to the past and already having seen the future. This is the best situation you can ever ask for. Remember the movie back to the future? Just imagine if you could go back in time and do the things you wished you would have done!

Western white collar recruits also typically get better positions with a chance to manage more people and bigger budgets. You are just that far ahead and you may not realize it.

I canÂ’t tell you how much Kish always tells me to move there. She would be the happiest person if we did. Her friends and family are there and she is well acclimated and familiar with the city. Who knows, one day we might.

Even if not for a long haul, we might give it a shot for a 2 year stint or so. But my family is here in the USA and I have to keep that in mind as well whenever I contemplate moving for a career and lifestyle change.

The Hottest Dubai Jobs

Construction jobs in Dubai are probably the most in demand. After all you need someone to build those record breaking Guinness Book of world record buildings right? And what about those mad made islands?

It was reported in 2007 that 70% of the worldÂ’s cranes were in Dubai. I can believe it friends. I see it first hand with my own eyes every time I go there. And each time it feels like there are more cranes than before. ItÂ’s simply insanely amazing!

Medical jobs in Dubai are just booming. The government has been pushing a national initiative in making Dubai the best healthcare hub of the world. Doctors are recruited internationally and are paid significantly higher wages and provided with all the tangible necessities of a good and easy life.

As the number of Doctors has and will continue to increase, nursing jobs in Dubai are also increasingly growing and have become a very popular choice (particularly for immigrants from South East Asia).

Finance jobs in Dubai are also very lucrative as every financial institution that you can think of has established a presence in the city. The movement will only keep increasing as Dubai continues to develop and becomes a power economy like the United States since the great depression till about the mid 2000s.

Needless to say, engineering is also in bid demand. As buildings and mad made islands crop up overnight, there will always be a big need for engineers.

My friend just got an engineering job in Dubai paying him $130,000 (company car and company paid gas) a year with a stable 9 to 5 schedule. His employer also pays part of his high rise apartment rent. The guy was merely 27 when he got the job.

That is my perspective on Dubai jobs in a nutshell. I have been studying the Dubai economy and marketplace for quite some time and will continue to. I will continue to add more content to this section of the website so stay tuned for more.

Jobs in Dubai and the Dubai Economy

How did Dubai get to where it is at almost overnight? How come most cities are not able to do what Dubai has done even in their dreams?

Dubai Careers

Dubai careers are extremely lucrative for someone looking for a dynamic professional and personal environment. Qualified Dubai jobs are extremely well paying, have no income tax and come with all kinds of benefits and perks.

Job in Dubai

Professionals in Dubai enjoy the unrivalled quality of life The City has to offer to them in return for their services. The facilities offered in Dubai are the best in the world.

Dubai Finance Jobs

Dubai finance jobs are in hot demand thanks to the Dubai International Finance City. Find out how the DIFC created a demand in finance jobs that created a ripple effect throughout Dubai.

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Construction Jobs in Dubai

There will always be a need for construction jobs in Dubai if development and progress in the region maintains its current pace. In fact, many projects have been delayed because of low supply of construction labor.

Medical Jobs in Dubai

Medical Jobs in Dubai are in high demand. There is a shortage of doctors and other professionals all around the world, especially in Dubai where healthcare is the new focus.

Nursing Jobs in Dubai

Nursing jobs in Dubai are very attractive & growing fast. The Dubai government is just offering all kinds of perks from tax free income, free housing, car/fuel and other allowances.

Finance Jobs in Dubai

Finance jobs in Dubai probably pay the most (2008) and are in the highest demand right now. Think about it, people are getting richer, wealthy is being created and businesses are formed every day. There is a dire need for someone with brains.

Engineering Job in Dubai

An engineering job in Dubai today (2008) is one of the most lucrative career options. Think about it, with housing developments and hotels going up left and right, it is a no brainer that engineers are in high demand.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Electrical engineering jobs in Dubai will always remain popular as long as construction in Dubai continues to flourish. There is just as much demand for engineering jobs in Dubai as there is in any other popular field of employment.

HR Jobs in Dubai

HR jobs in Dubai are booming. Why? Because all other jobs are! A solid HR function is critical in establishing a talented and well put together work force.

Hotel Jobs in Dubai

Hotel jobs in Dubai will keep increasing so long as hotels in Dubai keep popping up. Each hotel needs a group of competent professionals to help it compete and differentiate itself from its 2,345,379 other competitors in Dubai.

Sales Jobs in Dubai - A Wide Variety of Areas

Sales jobs in Dubai are very easy to find. You can work in pretty much any capacity you want. And because of the booming economy, you can end up with a lot of money very fast.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Dubai are In Hot Demand

Civil engineering jobs in Dubai are in hot demand right now and will continue to be seeing as how Dubai is engaging in non stop construction of all kinds. If you are qualified, the sky is the limit for you.

Computer Job in Dubai - Real Demand for Experts

Finding an ideal computer job in Dubai is not difficult if you are qualified. With the right skill-set you can demand the salary you want and rest assured your demand will be granted.

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Dubai estate agents are well qualified and well trained. Read about what real estate brokers in Dubai are looking for and how you can become a real estate agent in Dubai.

The Salary Structure in Dubai

Want to work in Dubai? Got a job in Dubai? Learn about what makes up the salary structure in Dubai. Learn about the Dubai currency, basic salary, allowances and perks that you could be entitled to as part of your total compensation package.

What are Salaries in Dubai Like?

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Dubai Salaries - More Details

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Dubai TELF Jobs

There are quite a number of Dubai jobs in teaching foreign languages, with the influx of foreigners who are now working and doing business in Dubai. Many have made this place their home, bringing their family along. There is a need to learn English so that they can communicate better with other nationalities in Dubai.

Information Technology Jobs in Dubai

With the rapid growth in Dubai jobs, Information technology jobs in Dubai are rapidly increasing providing different job opportunities in different areas. IT programming and consultancy is one of the many jobs that are in demand especially in broadcasting, multimedia and computer customer support. Find out what is in demand and increase your opportunities.

Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

There are many recruitment agencies in Dubai since it has become a place where employment has skyrocketed (even after the global recession). There are many job opportunities available not just for the local population but also for people from foreign countries looking for a Job in Dubai.

Salaries in Dubai

One of the most common questions in or about the UAE is the salaries in Dubai that people who work there get. If you are looking for job in Dubai, it is a good idea to know the likely range and the jobs that offer the highest salaries.

Work From Home in Dubai

How can you work from home in Dubai? This is another one of those common questions we get a lot from our readers.

Good Salary in Dubai

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How to Negotiate With Dubai Employers

You got the job, but how should you negotiate with Dubai employers? This is a very common question we get a lot through email.

Career Planning in Dubai

A discussion on Smart career planning in Dubai is very important because several of my friends have considered Dubai jobs. Many have gone to Dubai for work.

Job Vacancies in Dubai

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Legal Jobs in Dubai

Teaching Jobs in Dubai

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