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Dubai Ladies - A Class of Their Own

Sunil here to talk about the Dubai ladies. Yes – I have the permission from Kish to speak so kick back, relax and enjoy the information.

The diversity of the women in Dubai is comparable to the many women in other parts of the world yet very unique since many are true to their culture and beliefs that give them the quality like no other.

I can’t say this for many other places, especially the Wild West.

The types of Dubai ladies really differ in terms of generation and the type of upbringing that they were brought up under.

Although many women have their roots grounded within Islam, there are now many changes that women are free to experiencing that were not really available to them a few decades ago.

Ladies at home still basically do the same functions of taking care of the family.

The traditional women still prefer to use the same traditional clothes and stick to the many traditions and practices of Islam where it shows that the role of women is mostly at home, providing support to the husband and rearing the children. This is what the “typical” and those raised in the older generations usually still do.

For those who have been raised in more recent times there can be a lot of changes in the manner they carry themselves in. The way how these ladies dress is a big give away to the kind of mentality they have developed. It is now (it was not before) widely accepted that Dubai ladies have a role and place in the business world that was usually dominated by the men.

The ladies have become more liberated and are willing to experience a lot of things that most women in the west take for granted. With western education (and one can argue even civilization) penetrating the culture of Dubai it is no surprise that the younger generation of ladies have a totally different attitude towards life, and the world.

Before you would not see women in bars and clubs and it was a big taboo. Now ladies in Dubai can be seen partying in many different clubs, restaurants and hotels, wearing the same spaghetti and halter tops that you see in clubs in New York City. They have become more open to the idea that women have fun and can still be respectable.

You can now often see ladies in bars, malls and many different establishments having fun. Although there is a major change in attitude you will still see some evident signs that they still stick to their culture and belief system.

This is one of the traits of the ladies in Dubai that no matter how the world culture has greatly influenced them, they still have the home grown culture of being faithful and respectful to their elders, or say their families (that’s just one example). To me this is absolutely admirable and desirable.

So when dealing with the ladies in Dubai, it is still advisable to tread carefully even though that you see them in various entertainment joints. These women are still far different when it comes to culture and values that are not common to most women of the west. They may party but their virtues are well placed and would not likely give way, if you know what I mean.

It is better to get to know them first and see for yourself how closely they match what I have talked about here. You will likely realize that on one hand they are just like most women and on the other, yet totally different, and that makes them charming to anyone from anyone in the world, at least to me.

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