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What is the Dubai Lifestyle and why so many people love it?

Over the past several years, Dubai has become a Mecca of sorts for ex-pats looking to retire outside of their country of birth.

It’s no secret that there is an abundant amount of fun in Dubai to be had by anyone who can afford it.

The majority of ex-pats retiring in Dubai tend to be well off or at least they have a significant amount of passive income coming in each month which affords them the luxury of being able to live as freely as they like.

If you’re planning on living in Dubai, you’ll need to be sure that your budget is big enough so that you can enjoy all of the excitement and fun in Dubai.

Dubai living has two sides for you to enjoy: on the one side is the fast paced, exciting and often hectic life that big city living gives that younger people find so invigorating, while on the other side is the laid back, relaxed atmosphere that everybody, both young and old can settle into and enjoy.

The Dubai LifestyleSo, you can have the best of both worlds right in one magnificent city.

You’ll find everything from plays and theaters, to zoos, parks, and shopping malls and nearly anything else you can think of to have a good time.

If you’re looking for relaxation, Dubai has some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts that can found in anywhere in the world.

If you’re like me and you love to eat, the Dubai lifestyle may be just what the doctor ordered!

Nearly every ex-pat in Dubai will tell you that the food is phenomenally out of this world.

You can sample luxury cuisine from all over the world in many of Dubai’s excellent hotels and resorts, or you can mingle with the locals and try your hand at eating more traditional and less expensive foods, particularly on Al Dhiyafah Road which is where the locals like to gather and have their meals.

You’ll find just about any kind of food that strikes your fancy there, most of it reasonably priced.  The nightlife in Dubai is something that you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female; Dubai’s nightlife has something for everyone from discotheques to theaters and tons of bars where you can mix it up with the locals and get a true taste of the real Dubai lifestyle from their perspective. You can also find live concerts going on year round if you’re into live music shows.

The truth is, it is expensive living in Dubai but if you can afford it, you’ll experience a lifestyle of pleasure and satisfaction that is second to none.

Retiring in Dubai is a sure fire way to spend your golden years in rest and relaxation, and especially if you still enjoy an active lifestyle full of fun and adventure.


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