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Dubai Loves Western Music

Hi, Sunil here to talk about Dubai’s love for western music…

There is no denying that Dubai loves western music.

I mean it has to.

With the majority immigrant population in the Emirate increasingly coming from Europe and North America, Dubai has to adapt to the taste of its residents in order to keep them happy and entertained.

Go to any Dubai mall or even the smallest store off the road and you will see CDs of Beyonce, Madonna and the likes.

Go to any nightclub or bar and you will hear Bon Jovi and Def Leopard.  Cruise down any freeway and you will see billboards of Justin Timberlake and Usher. It’s reality contrary to popular belief.

Western music is quite popular today in Dubai and it coexists with the local music of local Arabic artists. There appears no tension (despite the dirty language used in some western music items) or opposition from the local Nationals who are well into the “traditional Dubai culture”.

There is much more to be said about this interesting coexistence and its impact on Dubai’s society and culture. However this discussion is intended to merely point out the fact that Dubai loves western music.

Check out the following names: Bryan Adams, Elton John, Craig David, Lionel Richie, Destiny's Child, Robbie Williams, Shakira, Joss Stone, Kanye West and the Black Eyed Peas are just a handful of names that have performed in Dubai in the past few years.

People in Dubai loved the performances and every show was sold out. Recently in 2008 Madonna negotiated $25 million concert fee for performing sometime in 2008. the breakdown comes to some $200,000+ per minute. There is a rumor that she is also performing at a private party for a $10 million fee. Might as well since she is there right?

The private party would be the first of her career and the $25 million will go down as one of the biggest payments for a 90 minute stage performance for any artist from anywhere in the world. Very good for her. But…

A bit ironic for Dubai isn’t it? An Islamic city-state so proud in its religious beliefs (apparently) would allow an artist like Madonna to perform on stage? Have they forgotten who she is and how she became popular?

Though she is a bit older now (just a bit), time will tell what kind of performance she puts out there on stage. Dubai s known to turn their head away and pretend to be blind when something benefits its society and economy (such as this concert) despite it being against their religious beliefs and traditions.

Oh well it’s nothing new and not my place to tell anyone what to do. This is simply an interesting thought to think about, if you care to. Like many other never-ending Dubai related debates, this too can take eternity to resolve.

It’s a matter of perspective in the end and people like you and I can simply point out the conflicts, contradictions and dilemmas that Dubai often runs into. It is unique in the sense that its very own position and composition makes it prone to such situations again and again.

Yet there is no straight and clear answer as to what Dubai should really do and what it should not do. The fact is, Dubai is doing (and many would say they must) what it has to do to keep its residents happy and the economy moving forward. And they are determined to doing just that, whatever it takes.

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