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Launched in 2001, the DMC is just one of the many areas within the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (“TECOM”), a tax-free commercial zone set up for the establishment of information and human capital based industries.

The TECOM zone is one of many other “free zones” within Dubai that were established by the government to encourage foreign investment in Dubai and create an ever growing and very talented workforce that is well diversified across many industries.

[NOTES – TECOM was established back in 2000 and since then has developed many areas within that specialize in specific industries. Several companies are housed within each area of the zone.

It is operated by two main bodies, the TECOM Investments and the TECOM Authority.

The investment body is responsible to manage the businesses with the zone and the authority body governs the rules and regulations within the zone.

TECOM is a member of the Dubai Holdings company, the company responsible for Dubai’s larger projects such as the Dubailand, Dubai International Capital and Dubai Healthcare City.]

The Media City is one of the fastest growing and vibrant areas of the TECOM zone. It offers attractive and growing employment opportunities for those interested in working in a fast paced, challenging and very exciting environment.

The City (which is really just an area) was established mainly to attract professionals in the media industry and to encourage them to innovate through ongoing experimentation. Promoting creativity within the media capacity is “The City’s” main objective as Dubai is attempting to develop its knowledge-based economy.

Dubai Media City

Working in Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City is an ideal workplace for someone looking to join a big name in the media industry. Many multinational media companies have established themselves here and more are expected to join in the near future.

Some of these big names include CNN and CNBC amongst many other big names. All these companies are rapidly hiring talent from all over the world as they are expanding within Dubai. Those that are hired within the TECOM zone will have access to some of the most advanced technology in the media and information industries.

Other benefits of working at the DMC include tax free compensation, unlimited innovative capital and capability, access to state of the art technology and equipment as well as the networking opportunity with like-minded professionals in similar fields (within the company as well as competitors).

For businesses (and this can be your business), these benefits extend to abolishment of custom duties, lower costs of doing business and 100% ownership status.

View the making and the future of Dubai Media City

Why Such Drastic Compromises?

If you have read around this website, you might remember that one of the biggest reasons for Dubai’s success is its recognition of the need to diversify its industries. Dubai quickly realized that its oil wealth was only a temporary resource of income and that it needed to invest it in its infrastructure if it were to thrive in the long run.

Its efforts have worked and are still working as Dubai has become quite a diversified economic environment. The establishment and growth of activity within the free zones will only contribute to the current growth and will help the Dubai economy sustain the market cycles every economy is exposed to.

The government has truly made it a well oiled machine. I definitely take my hat off to them as today only less than 6% of Dubai’s annual GDP is comprised of oil and energy related dollars. Quite impressive if you ask me.

And The DMC Is a Big Part of It

The DMC is definitely another step ahead in Dubai’s quest in developing a futuristic and technologically savvy region that is consistent with its government’s vision. Dubai Media City nurtures talent by encouraging success through innovation and imagination.

Working in Dubai Media City truly offers the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who fits the profile. If you are one of them, read the Dubai Job Secrets guide for the most comprehensive and best guide to getting a job in Dubai.

After you read it, visit the Career Centre website for career and job related information and openings in the TECOM region. This website has all the latest information broken down by each area within the TECOM zone.

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