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How are Dubai Men?

A Question I Get a Lot from Girlfriends

Hi Kish here to discuss Dubai Men with you

I am hoping you are a girl if you’re reading this :) Or else I would start suspecting lol.

Many of my friends here in US ask me how are Men in Dubai.

I mean how do you answer that?

The question can be geared to require all sorts of responses.

I am sure you have the same question since you are on this webpage. So here is my quick synopsis on them.

Dubai Men are diverse in ethnicity, culture and heritage.

Dubai City is a melting spot and you will find all kinds of men there.

The majority of Dubai City is made up of Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Sri Lankans.

But it doesn't matter where you are from. Once in Dubai, you will quickly adapt to the Dubai way of eating, sleeping, dressing, talking, breathing and anything else ending in "ing".

For purposes of this discussion, think about your average middle to upper middle class man with a white collar office job.

Let's start with dress code. How does a Dubai man dress? Dubai City is pretty posh. These men often dress well during any time of the day. If they are out of their house, chances are they will look presentable.

What does a Dubai man drive? Either a Mercedes or a BMW. Those are the most popular brands among the local men. Remember, Dubai is the Beverly Hills of the Middle East. It’s all about show and tell.

Where do they hang out? Go to any hookah bar during the evening and a pub at night. Many are found hanging out in nightclubs on weekend nights.

You will rarely see them convene for a sporting event or "just chill". They are always out and about getting loud and crazy somewhere. I guess Dubai is just not the right place to "chill out".

Where do they shop? Well they dress well, so naturally they shop at decent stores. These days with huge malls cropping up all over, you will usually find them in there.

Click here to meet single Arab men and women You will very rarely see them in street markets anymore. Those markets are for moms. That is the perception at least.

Where do they dine? You won’t see them at your street schwarma joint either. They are usually in decent to higher end restaurants.

Remember these men are probably making good money. On top of that Dubai doesn’t tax personal income. This is a recipe for a lot of disposable cash and younger men are good at disposing that cash.

Let me conclude by talking about attitude. If you are from the US you are of the live and let live type mentality. Here in the US you can do anything and no one really cares. In Dubai, everyone is into everyone’s business.

Part of the reason is that it is small. Second, it is a show and tell society. People keep tabs on other people so that they can do something more superior to them the next time they get a chance.

Dubai men are competitive in nature. Sometimes very competitive. You will notice that for the most part they have pretty arrogant or over confident attitudes. As if they own the world.

It’s best to let them be the way they are and mind your own business. It’s something that is embedded in the society it seems like.

This discussion is on a very high general level. There are always exceptions to everything in life. So take this discussion with 3 grains of salt if you will.

This is also from my personal experience. Chances are you might experience something totally different. But to address a common question I often get from my girlfriends, I hope you got your response :)

If you are someone looking for your ideal Dubai man, I highly recommend the Arab Lounge. You won't be disappointed.

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