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Welcome to the Dubai Newsletter subscription page. We (Kish & Sunil) work very hard to bring you the latest and most interesting "Dubai News".

Our Dubai Newsletter is unlike any other average commercial newsletter.

We work on each issue individually to ensure we are providing you with only the news that interests you most.

Moreover, we write from our own personal and first-hand experience and not some hearsay or broadcasted garbage.

Some of the topics our newsletter covers are (but not limited to): Dubai jobs, hotels, flights, sales, discounts and bargains, vendor reviews, latest events and happenings in Dubai and much more . . .

We take great pride in our Dubai Information website, what we do, what we stand for and the value we provide to you.

In addition to the latest and greatest happenings in Dubai, you also get the following:

  • Our Very Famous Quarterly Vacation Giveaway - Yes You Heard Right!

  • Quarterly Raffle Drawings with Free Giveaways like posters, paintings, locally crafted goods, souvenirs of all sorts...

  • Frequent Contests that give you the opportunity to win Free Prizes and even more Free Vacations!

  • Heavily discounted offers from Dubai vendors including tours to Dubai, flights, hotels, holiday and vacation travel

Our famous quarterly vacation giveaway is all about racking ACTIVITY POINTS. You get one point for a qualified activity and your name is entered in our electronic spreadsheet program.

Your name stays there for 3 consecutive quarters! That means you have 3 chances of winning for each activity point! The more points you gather, the more times your name will be entered and the more chance you will have of winning our giveaways!

The Dubai Newsletter will provide you will all the tips and different ways you can earn activity points and increase your chances of winning! We will also make announcements of all WINNERS through the newsletter so stay tuned!

It doesn't get any more fun that this. Take a couple minutes and sign-up for the Dubai News below. It is FREE!

As always, if you like what we are doing, please tell others about us. If you don't like what we are doing, then please tell us! We would love your feedback to shape the direction of our website to ensure maximum benefit for you our loyal reader.

Welcome aboard to the family and we hope that you enjoy your subscription!

~Kish & Sunil

We take your privacy & confidentiality very seriously and do not share your information. Read our detailed Privacy Disclaimer here.


  • Write a review of your favorite Dubai tour, hotel, beach, park....or whatever else.

  • Write a review on a Dubai book or DVD that you have read or seen, or recommend the best restaurant in Dubai with your review of it

  • Write your opinions and thoughts on a Dubai controversy

  • Tell us about your best experience in Dubai...tell us also about your worst experience!

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Throughout this website you will notice questions posed to you seeking your thoughts and opinions about certain things. You will see a box where you can provide your input. Your participation in these will earn you activity points.

You will also witness many questions that have been asked by our community members. We try to address each one of those but because there are only two of us and thousands of community members it is very hard for us to get to every question and answer it diligently.

Help us by answering the questions from your own experiences and earn activity points as well! Look for these opportunities in the various sections of this website. Rate and comment on what others have said and earn more bonus entries. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn!

You also have the liberty to simply email us whatever you'd like to submit. You can email us here. We also have a dedicated section on Your Personal Dubai stories. Here you can view submissions from other community members that we have accepted and uploaded.

How do we track this information? We collect your name and email address each time you perform an "activity" and enter it in our raffle spreadsheet.

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