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Dubai Nightclubs - A Glimpse of Premier Night Entertainment in Dubai

Sunil here to talk about the lovely Dubai nightclubs

Dubai is known to be the most liberal part of the Muslim world, judging from its multitude of luxurious hotels, bars, and nightclubs.

Locals and tourists alike searching for a source of entertainment in Dubai will never run out of things to do.

After dusk is when the party scene fires up, and there is an endless array of nightlife entertainment – places, happenings, and attractions guaranteed to keep you busy. It certainly keeps us busy when the mood calls for it.

In terms of nightlife, Dubai nightclubs can compete with other lively and spirited cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Manhattan and the likes.

Whatever you are in the mood of doing, you are sure to find a place to have a wild and enjoyable time – with the exception of Monday when bars are generally closed.

However, unlike other countries, Dubai does not have a nightclub district and bars are sprawled all over different part of the city.

Majority of bars and clubs in Dubai are situated in hotels, because of the strict liquor laws in the country of UAE, and are open until 3am.

Famous DJs are a common show in Dubai nightclubs and the dress codes are lenient, although some bars do not allow sandals, jeans, or trainers (sneakers or tennis shoes). Anyone above 21 can purchase or drink alcohol, and you must be 25 to be able to enter the bars and nightclubs in Dubai.

For the locals, the Alamo, located at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, is pretty well-known. It has a small dance floor and live music. For those who want to dance the night away in a big, modern disco area with loud heat thumping music, the Atlantis is the place for you, which can be found adjacent to the Hard Rock Café Dubai.

Do you crave for Martinis? If so, then head out to the Issimo Martini Bar at the Hilton Dubai Creek. If you are looking for a unique, themed bar, go to Kasbaa at the Royal Mirage Hotel, a must see bar and nightclub in Dubai. It has an Arabic theme and three levels of thrill from the dance floor to the outdoor terraces.

To hang out with the young, crazy crowd who has enough adrenaline for a wild party, try Double Decker Bar where you would surely have an enjoyable time. Tons of Dubai nightlife women and men to be met. Ginseng, on the other hand, is for the chic and fashionable. It is an expensive and sensual bar which has a more private and intimate ambiance.

After heading to the exciting and happening bars and dancing the night away in Dubai nightclubs, you would surely want to unwind and chill out. There’s no better place to do that at other than Trader Vic’s – an area of restaurants where people drink and relax late night (or early morning) after hitting the bars.

They offer colorful and intoxicating cocktails, but very pricey. If you have a palate for exotic drinks, go to Mai Tai Lounge Bar. If you are on a tighter budget or simply feel like being frugal, it is advisable to go to Trader Vic’s during the Happy Hour to enjoy a 50% discount on all drinks.

You have all the entertainment options in Dubai as with any major city. The only thing you will not find here is gambling. Gambling is prohibited by Muslim law, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any casinos.

However, as you can imagine this is more than compensated by the assortment of bars and nightclub entertainment all over the city. Enjoy bar and club hopping in Dubai!

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