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A List of Our Favorite Dubai Nightclubs

Hi, Sunil here to bring you a list of Kish and my favorite Dubai nightclubs

As you know or have heard, Dubai is one of the prime destinations for nightlife.

It is one of the most happening places I have seen (and I have been to over 30 countries).

There is one thing certain about Dubai, you won’t see any public nudity like topless bars and clubs or “strip joints” as many refer to it in the USA.

The Dubai nightlife is classy and on the upscale.

But then again, what happens in the after hours and behind closed doors is no secret I suppose.

Overall, most nightclubs in Dubai charge a hefty cover price to keep the “not so serious” out the door.

It only invites the classy crowd (can someone say discrimination?).

There are some clubs that are only by exclusive membership so you need to know a “member” to get in the door.

There are also clubs that cater to specific ethnicities like Russian, Indian, etc.

Kish and I have been to a ton over the years and have listed some of the best ones we have enjoyed. This is not a comprehensive list but just a list of the ones we recommend! If not on this list, it means we either have not visited the club or simply do not like it enough to recommend to you (our loyal reader).

We will continue to add on to this list as our experience grows.

So Here We Go – The Best Dubai Nightclubs

The Hard Rock Café

How can you not like Hard Rock? I make it a point to hit up HR at any major city I go to. The one in Dubai is excellent. It is located in the Hard Rock building about a half hour drive from city center (downtown). As expected, food and liquor are on the higher end here.

Al Abaya at The Palm Hotel Interchange

This is an excellent Arabic restaurant in the early evening hours that turns into a hot spot at night. The place has excellent food and drinks, live entertainment (both singing and dancing) and is immense in hard core Arabic culture.

The Two Best Russian Nightclubs in Dubai

  • Arbat Club - Carlton Tower Hotel in Deira

  • Troyka - Century Hotel in Bur Dubai

Irish Village

Located next to the Aviation Club of Dubai. The Irish Village is a typical Irish style Pub. It is also known as one of the few places that you can drink alcohol without having to go to a hotel. It has seating both indoors and outdoors. They have managed to reproduce an authentic Irish pub feel, and it is very popular with locals, expats and people visiting Dubai. Good quality food is also available.

American Dream Seashell Inn Hotel Burdubai

This is an English/American style nightclub. If you love the culture, people and language then this is the place to go.

Cyclone Nightclub

Most known for being a hooker hang out. This is actually one of the nice Dubai nightclubs (without the hooker part). Because it is a club where you can get your hands on some “extra curricular” activity, it draws its share of a particular crowd if you know what I mean. Rock and roll is the main forte of this club.

Kasbaa at the Royal Mirage Hotel

A staple and very popular amongst the local crowd. So if you want to experience some local love this three level beast is the one for you. It is a very busy Arabic nightclub and definitely a must visit while you are there. You will experience authentic Arabic décor and some of the best live Arabic music. You might spot a famous name or two here and there.

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