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Party Hard in Dubai Nightclubs

Most Dubai nightclubs are a part of a hotel. It is like the Las Vegas concept. There are very few rare clubs that are freestanding on their own. So if you want to go to one you will have to go into a hotel and then enter the nightclub.

The nightlife in Dubai is amazing. People really know how to party.

There is no such rule as last call.

At least I did not feel there was when I was there.

We did not finish till 4-5am every night, followed by an after party at our hotel apartment.

The nightclubs in Dubai are not cheap.

They do have specials sometimes on drinks and ladies night but overall the cover charges are steep.

This is to keep away the crowd who is not serious.

Dubai is also all about show and tell so they only want the people with money to spend in the clubs.

Drinks are quite expensive, north of $15 per cocktail. I guess this is average if you compare it to places like Las Vegas and New York. The music is diverse. They play songs from all around the world, mainly American hip hop and R&B music.

The crowd is very well dressed and diverse as well. Overall the nightclubs in Dubai are a great experience for someone who wants to have fun and party. You will not be disappointed. Just remember to keep yourself in check because the local rules and laws in Dubai are a little different. You cannot be as “outgoing” as you would be in the US for example. Be careful with women. There is no tolerance for bad behavior. The last thing, always have a designated driver. Drunk driving is a big crime in Dubai.

-Anwar K.

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