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Hi, Sunil here to recommend some of our favorite Dubai nightlife hang outs

The Dubai nightlife is second to none, you already knew that.

But do you know the best places to go to make the most of your night out in town?

This is Kish and my attempt to compile a list of our favorite places to hangout at night in Dubai.

Like anything else on our website, this is not a comprehensive list of everything available to you.

Rather it is a list of bars and nightclubs in Dubai that we have enjoyed ourselves at.

If it is not on this list, we either haven’t been there or don’t like it enough to recommend it to you.

We want to bring you only the best. Each place listed below features excellent food, service, music (western hip hop, R&B, house, trace, Arabic, you name it) and overall ambience.

Because so many of these are popular, you might also catch your favorite celebrity DJ playing on any given night.

It is not too uncommon to see them in bars and night clubs in Dubai.

As you can imagine, dress code is also quite strict. Make sure you wear the right clothes (no hats, sneakers, flip flops, you get the point).

Some good to know “notes”:

  • Expect to pay 100 Dirhams in cover charge at the least. Dubai bars and nightclubs are

  • Most bars and nightclubs are located inside hotels. This is mainly because of alcohol licensing requirements.

  • particular about their clientele. They want serious people in and curious ones out.

  • Go in a group (girls and guys mix) and show up early to guarantee your entry

  • Best night to go? Thursday night (official start of weekend in Dubai)

  • Ladies Night? Tuesdays – ladies drink for free

Now that you know the basics, here is a list of popular hot spots to hang out at:
  • Buddha Bar (the first bar / club I went to in Dubai)
  • Boudoir at the Dubai Marina
  • Trilogy at the Madinat Jumeirah
  • Long's Bar at Towers Rotana
  • Oxygen at the Al Bustan Rotana
  • Ginseng at Wafi City
  • Zinc at the Crowne Plaza Dubai
  • Icon at the Radisson
  • Mix at the Grand Hyatt hotel
  • 360 Degrees at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • The Irish Village
  • Rooftop Bar at the Royal Mirage
  • Blue Bar at the Novotel WTC that has some great live bands
  • Jambase at the Madinat Jumeirah
  • Jimmy Dix at the Movenpick
  • Vu's Bar and The Agency at the Emirates Towers
  • Kasbar at the Royal Mirage
  • Barasti at Dubai Mina Seyahi
  • Peppermint Lounge at the Fairmont
  • Sho Cho's at the Dubai Marina

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  • Dubai Look - More nightlife information

We have tried to keep this list lean and clean. If you notice a bar or nightclub listed here that is a prostitute hang out please bring it to our attention.

If you are specifically looking for a prostitute hangout joint in Dubai, you might want to check out the prostitutes in Dubai discussion.

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