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Dubai Nightlife For Women - The Other Side of The Fence

Kish to talk about the Dubai nightlife for women.

The Dubai nightlife for women can be difficult to explain since most women of Dubai cling to their faith and practices very religiously (which means no crazy partying in the open at least).

Often the ones that go on ladies night out are those that are working and are more liberated and influenced by other countries.

Most Dubai women are still conservative even though some of them have learned to enjoy the night life.

Many would say that women in Dubai are far too reserved but then again you can’t say that night life for women does not exist because there are many foreigners, and then modern Dubai women who party in clubs and different entertainment scenes are everywhere.

The women who tend to enjoy the nightlife are usually the professionals and those that more or less have established themselves away from their families (independent, single and ready to mingle).

They are the ones who have in some way broken away from the norm that women should just stay at home and take care of the family.

Those that party and go out with friends go to the usual places such as bars and restaurants like what women in other parts of the world that go out to have fun. They spend time socializing with friend, co-workers and enjoy the clubbing scene. If you want to approach these women it would be wise to have proper behavior as these women demand respect.

Like a Forest says, they are all in a box of chocolates, you never know which kind you are going to get. Though they may have broken away from tradition to some extent, they are still very much tied to the fact that as women you should treat them with dignity and respect.

Many would entertain conversations and small talk, and usually you would have to navigate through her friends if you really want to get to know her. Yes approval of friends (social acceptance) is a big deal if you want to go past the hand shake or hello. If it turns out that you have a great personality and they like you, you can more or less have a sigh of relief. There is hope if that is the road you want to head on.

Many of these women who go out at night usually go out with co workers or those who really did not grow up in this part of the world. Women pretty much can go in any clubs and bars that they want as long as they are of legal age (legal age in Dubai can be different – depending on what mood the lawmakers are in).

Establishments that sell alcohol can only sell to those above 21 years of age and club entry to most bars have to be 25 and above so if you are younger you would have to deal with meeting women in small cafes or hotel clubs.

When it comes to attire I would say that most are not that daring like in Europe and the Americas where they almost wear nothing sometimes. The attire nonetheless is fashionable and up to date with their own fresh styles. So if you are out to meet women in clubs it would be nice to have a female friend to bring along with you as it is much easier to enter these clubs as a couple.

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