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Dubai Online Shopping is On the Rise

As Is Consumerism!

Hi, this is Sunil to talk about Dubai online shopping

I decided to grab this article from Kish because I love eCommerce!

I am sure you have noticed that pretty much all the discussions in the Shopping section are led by Kish.

Anyway, so this is the digital age and as such, technology has come to our assistance, especially those of us who could not make the trip to Dubai.

You must have heard of how great the shopping was in Dubai from your friends or Kish & I and all that you could do was to heave one big sigh . . .

Well, you no longer need to do that as Dubai online shopping is there at hand to make sure that you can enjoy the same shopping experience as our friends.

Although not as prevalent as eCommerce in the United States, Dubai online shopping is slowly but surely catching up.

Not everyone can make it to Dubai in time for the Dubai Shopping Festival. But I am sure that most of us were in the dumps on hearing about it from our friends who would make sure to give us all the shopping details at the very first opportunity that they had, raving about all the great bargains that they got. Ever had that happen to you?

That is mostly a thing of the past and will become even less relevant in the future as Dubai online shopping has taken off in recent years, offering almost anything and everything online. And get this, everything is being sold online at the same bargain prices that our ‘friends’ got it for, if not cheaper.

See for the online merchants, they have less overhead to deal with. They don’t pay rent, utilities, heavy property taxes and other similar sunk costs that a brick and mortar business pays. So naturally they are able to charge less online.

[Side Note: eCommerce is actually one of my personal interests and I have studied it extensively. In fact in 2006 I launched an eCommerce website and later sold it to an eBay Power Seller. I have also published an article on getting the best bargains online by cutting the middle man that has received quite a few accolades from readers. Thought I'd toot my horn here in case you're interested in reading about it.]

With the growth of eCommerce amongst online merchants based in Dubai, you no longer need to make that long trip to Dubai in order to stock up on great bargains, but instead you can go online to one of the many Dubai shopping portals and start ordering items by using the online shopping cart.

But before purchasing anything, do check out the delivery options; as most of these sites don’t offer delivery to any corner of the world. Some do and some do not. You should be able to purchase anything at these sites, with just the click of the mouse.

The main handicap with some of these sites is security as there have been reports of some hacking being done in the recent past. But by and large, they should be all right as far as security goes.

On the payment front, these online shopping portals tend to accept payment via credit cards with some of them even opting for payments via pay pal. It is up to you to choose one that would suit you the most, keeping in mind the delivery options as well.

All that said though, the Dubai online shopping experience cannot ever equal the real thing, like the shopping mall with a ski resort built inside it. Shopping in Dubai is simply amazing and memorable. But what it does is that it offers us a chance to get products from Dubai in Dubai like discounted prices.

Shopping online today is more common than previously thought as there are many who prefer to shop this way than to travel all the way to The City itself. Most of the time, we are so busy with our lives and other obligations that shopping online makes complete sense. With consumerism on the rise, Dubai online shopping is all set for a rise as we all want the very best for the very least.

The ecommerce industry leader in Dubai is definitely Ella Mart, the largest and most reputable Dubai ecommerce shopping portal. You can find anything, from books, media, electronics, flowers, games, home spa, IT, office goods, mobile and accessories, perfumes, men and womens fashion, pharmacy meds to even groceries.

It doesn't get better than that. You virtually have the entire mall at home on your computer. More and more people are opting to shop this way to avoid getting out in the traffic and the scorching heat of Dubai.

Not only does it save time but also money. You save a lot on gas as well as the online price. Companies can afford to sell cheaper online because they don't have to pay rent and big electricity bills.

So make sure you check out the biggest Dubai online shopping mall before you go out on your next shopping spree.

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