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The Dubai Palm Island; Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira & Palm Jebel Ali

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Dubai Palm Island miracle.

Yes, it is a miracle because the Dubai Palm Islands are a set of man-made islands.

These are in themselves comprised of many little islands that “branch out from the stem” to form stable (so far) living areas.

This project, also referred to as the Palm Island Dubai project was the vision of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

He had a simple solution when Dubai began to run out of shoreline land…the solution?

Simply build “create” more land.

Yes a miracle indeed. Leave it to Dubai to make it happen.

As Dubai continues to set new standards for modern day development, its man-made islands are some of the more exceptional projects accomplished around the world. The Palm Islands are three sets of man-made islands, each shaped in a variation of a palm tree.

The Palm project is unique from anything else Dubai had done prior to it. The Palm Jumeirah, which was the first of the three islands undertaken is the world’s largest man-made island (as of 2008). They are still patching this up but access is open to the public. Villas are up and many are already living there.

I was watching a documentary on this project on Discover channel some time back and it was interesting to learn the amount of scientific research and experimentation that was conducted by some of the world’s best minds in making this project a reality.

Dubai Palm Islands

My favorite section was the demonstration of how architects were able to design the project in such a way so that incoming waves of the sea were “broken down” so that by the time they hit the islands they are not so powerful anymore.

This experiment was conducted in a lab using a small hand made model in which different reactions of waters waves were tested when they hit certain barriers in the sea. Truly impressive

The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, the first of the three Dubai man-made islands will be the smallest of the three at only 5 kilometers in diameter and each branch will make up its own neighborhood.

The outer branch will be 11 kilometers in length and will form a breakwater that will house numerous luxury hotels and restaurants as well as more residences. The trunk will be 2 kilometers in length.

The trunk will have 17 “branches” that stick out from the center (the main road) shaped in an arch surrounding it. These branches and the trunk will consist of hotels, villas and apartments as well as retail shops and a marina area.

There will be over 20 hotels that will be on this island once completed. Most notably, the Atlantis Hotel which will be a 1,500 room resort and water park. Donald Trump is also building a hotel on the trunk. The Trump International Hotel and Tower will be right at the center.

At the very tip of the trunk will be the exclusive Marina Residences which will consist of six towers. These residences will have 940 apartments and 40 town homes. The entire island will be connected by a monorail to provide transportation for residents and visitors.

Must see video on the Palm Island...make sure you see the video below as well!

Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali

The other two Dubai Palm Islands are the Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali. Over 1 million people will be able to live on Palm Deira and close to 2 million on Palm Jebel Ali once they are completed.

The Palm Deira will be the world's largest man-made island once completed. It will overtake its sister island, the Palm. Palm Deira will be over 12 kilometers into the sea and have a width of 7.5 kilometers.

The Palm Jebel Ali is part of the Dubai Waterfront Project near the Dubai and Abu Dhabi border. It is scheduled for completion near 2020. Now that is your answer to Dubai’s growing population.

The population of Dubai expected to go from 1.1 million (as of 2007) to 4 million by the year 2017 and by 2020 it may exceed 5 million. This growth is expected to put a great strain on the infrastructure.

The Dubai government has already spent $2.5 billion working on the road network covering 9,600 kilometers. In addition, the Dubai Metro project and projects such as the Dubai Palm Islands should definitely help the problem and accommodate for Dubai’s rapid progress and overgrowing population.

A video by Nakheel - the creators/developers of the Palm Islands

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