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Hi, Sunil here to discuss Dubai parks

I really enjoy parks so I thought I’d include this discussion here.

I hope you enjoy parks as well and use this information to enjoy the parks in Dubai during your visit.

From the natural parks to the amusement parks it is worth noting what the best Dubai parks really have to offer.

Considering that Dubai is often described as a “Shangri la in the desert” there is an incredible amount of parks that you can enjoy and experience.

From swimming to amazing nature and animals the best parks in Dubai offer you more than just a picnic in the grass.

Yes you can do a lot of things at the parks.

What is interesting is that some of the best Dubai parks are in the middle of the harsh desert.

I love the contrast in the scenery!

One of the best parks in Dubai is the Mushrif Park which is located about 12km from Dubai Airport. Developed for day visitors it used to be a natural forest which has extensive roads, walkways and leisure facilities.

It is set in about 124 hectares and includes swimming pools, lakes, numerous children’s play areas, train rides, camel rides and pony rides.

There is also a beautiful garden area which has miniature houses from different countries. Located on Al Awir Road the entry fee is a nominal Dhs 5 per person or only 30 Dhs per car including all people.

It costs Dhs 10 for adults and Dhs 5 for children to enjoy the swimming pool. Wednesday is for women and children only and everyday the park is open from 8am to 10pm.

Another of the best Dubai parks is the Al Mamzar Beach Park which offers a full day of fun for only Dhs 5 per person or Dhs 30 per car.

Consisting of barbecue sites, safe swimming areas, children’s play area, and food kiosks dotted throughout it is an excellent place to come and play for the day. The location is nearby to Hamriya and easily accessible for everyone.

Creekside Park has also been noted as one of the best parks in Dubai because of the large lawn area and well maintained botanical gardens.

Complete with an 18 hold miniature golf course and numerous picnic locations you can fish off the pier, jog or walk through the trails or play with your children in the play areas.

This one is located opposite of the Dubai Creek Golf Club the entrance fee is only Dhs 5 with Wednesday being set aside for women and children only.

When it comes to the best Dubai Amusement Parks you have one that isn’t even finished yet but is considered to be the best ever in the world. Dubailand is going to be a huge amusement park that takes thrill rides to a new level.

Dubailand will be the largest in the world, and is considered to be well worth the wait which should be over fairly soon (was originally slotted for 2008 but has been delayed) for everyone waiting to join in the fun.

Finally, a park that is built already and open for fun is Wonderland and Splashland Water Park. It is a unique Caribbean water park where you literally step into your biggest fantasy of fun with rides, water slides, wave parks, games, food, and plenty of spectacular shows for the entire family. With unique water rides and a great atmosphere, this water park definitely deserves notice as one of the best parks in Dubai.

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