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Hi Sunil here to talk about the Dubai Police

Since you are learning about Dubai, I thought I’d include this discussion. It is important to have some background on the local police of the place you are about to visit. That goes for everyone and all countries.

The last I read (in 2007) the police had approximately 15,000 members.

These 15,000 police men cover areas all across Dubai.

They are responsible for monitoring the entire area within Dubai borders.

15,000 might not seem much, but it is adequate relative to the population of Dubai which is nearly 2 million (as of 2007).

Knock on wood, but Kish and I have not had any bad experiences with the Dubai police. We have heard many horror stories however. See Dubai police is known to favorite the local Nationals (Citizens) in instances of disputes, accidents and other legal matters. The locals get away with so much, from speeding, accidents to bar brawls and what not.

As a non National however you can face severe penalties and punishment. You can be jailed for an extensive period of time for committing what you may think a small mistake. There is no tolerance for misbehavior in Dubai.

Many people get kicked out and deported out of the country for violations. This is of course the extreme case but it does happen a lot.

Dubai Police The two looks of a police man (as of 2007) in Dubai are shown here.

One look is in the brown uniform and the other is in a dirty dark green (almost beige type) uniform.

Don’t mess with them, they each have a semi automatic hand gun. Here in the US our cops only have a revolver!

I remember in 2007 when I was there my uncle got into an accident. It was clearly the other driver’s fault.

But because the other driver was a National, the police wrote up my uncle and had him pay fines and damages.

Dubai Police

Similar to that Kish has stories of her friends being held up and some even locked up for certain behavior that a National would not be bothered for. Bottom line is, if you are not a National, be very careful and stay within your limits.

Know and understand the local laws and customs and respect and abide by them. You can learn all about Dubai on this website so I encourage you to go through it in detail prior to heading out there.

As of 2007, there were 10 police stations across Dubai. The oldest of the 10 is the Al Rifaa police station which was established in the 1970s to regulate the Bur Dubai area. It has since moved a couple times around.

Brief History & Overview

The Dubai police force operates under the direction of the VP and Prime Minister of the country, who also happens to be the ruler of Dubai (Sheikh Mohammed as of 2007).

The police force was founded in 1956 in Deira and is headquartered now in Al Towar in Dubai (as of 2007). It is known to be the most “modern” and forward thinking of all police forces in the Arab nations.

This police force was the first in the region to use modern technology such as electronic finger printing, DNA tests and GPS systems to track criminal activity and locate stolen cars.

The police department has a general operations department that you can contact anytime of the day. They have about 2,000 phone lines and over one hundred fax machines. They are in charge of emergency responses and conduct patrols all across Dubai throughout the day.

Dubai Police

Here is what a Dubai police vehicle looks like. Notice the website and email address? Other police vehicles are choppers, boats & motorcycles. Be on the look out for them!

Another department of the Dubai police is the e-services department. It is the newest (formed in 2001) and a sign of Dubai’s commitment to leveraging modern technology in its police operations.

Similarly, there are many other departments within the Police force such as the criminal investigation, administrative affairs, finance, airport security, etc. Each department has a leader and is in charge of their specific jurisdictions and functions. The department titles are pretty self explanatory of each department’s purpose.

Learn About Their History & Evolution

There is a museum dedicated to the Dubai police in the Al Mulla Plaza which was created back in 1987. here you can learn about the Dubai police’s history (foundation and evolution).

You can also learn about their jail systems and other such important initiatives in its history. If you are in law enforcement or have an appreciation for it, I definitely recommend this place. Although I have not been there personally, I have heard many say great things about it. I do plan on going eventually!

Contact Information

Print this contact information and keep it handy. I hope you never need it but just in case.

Phone:(+9714) 6096767 / (+9714) 6096224
Fax:(+9714) 2171461
Police Department Official Website The website is very helpful and useful. You can read about other frequently asked questions about the police department as well as access all the e-services available to you including the e-payment options.

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