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Kish here to speak to you about the Dubai shopping evolution

Dubai today has turned into a pristine shopping destination, with ultra sleek malls on the ready to offer you anything from a designer dress all the way to a jet plane.

You just need to decide if you are ready for the ultimate shopper’s experience that Dubai is well known for today.

Of course, there are a lot of other interesting things about this city but none can rival the Dubai shopping phenomenon that seems to have taken over This City as a whole.

Basically, if you take a closer look into the whole craze behind the Dubai shopping scene that seems to have taken over this city, you would have to look way back into history when Dubai was just a trading port.

One can say that this drive to provide the people with what they want at the most attractive rates started way back then when Dubai started trading with both Iran and India.

This particular drive seems to have transformed this city into a place of wonders, with the typical shopping mall in Dubai offering pretty much everything you are looking for. Some of the malls have even gone to the extent of making shopping a truly unforgettable experience by providing the impossible with the shopping bargains, such as a ski-slope in the midst of the mall itself.

Shopping in Dubai is no longer about just bargains and deals, but about the experience in its totality. Dubai today stands transformed as the luxury goods capital, catering to the needs of over 3 million shoppers, especially during the one month shopping extravaganza that takes place during the first quarter of the year and was started sometime in 1996.

Ever since then, this festival has come to define Dubai more than anything else, if not for the high end value items being offered at discount rates, then for the various lucrative offers that just seem to go on endlessly. Some of the prizes offered to the customers at these malls are a bit extravagant, the likes of which would not be seen anywhere else.

This makes shopping here quite profitable for the shopper on the street. This City is well known all over the world as a tax-free destination and this seems to be the true where shopping is concerned. Most of the goods bought here are not taxed. It is no wonder that Dubai is famous for its shops more so than anything else. With no taxation, this place has literally become the shopper’s capital.

From a small bustling fishing village to a business center of international repute, Dubai has certainly come a long way. Today (as of 2008) it has over 25 shopping malls with plans for more in the works.

Each and every one of the malls is determined to provide a unique experience for the shopper. There are certain places like the Global Village which hosts a special on the women’s day, when only the women are allowed inside.

Dubai shopping is certainly unique in every aspect and is just incomparable to anything else in the world, it is no wonder that shoppers all over the world have started flocking to this city in droves.

2008 Update:

Dubai still doesn’t tax on retails sales. There are more stores and more variety than ever before. Payment options are also on the rise. But….

Be careful not to get blinded by all the hype. Truth is, Dubai has become very expensive today compared to a few years back. It gets more and more expensive every year.

As I am updating you, shopping in the United States in actually cheaper than ever before. This is particularly true for a tourist as the dollar has lost a lot of value over the past few years.

Most of the biggest and prettiest malls are overpriced today. But, there are still a lot of very good deals in Dubai. Add to that the no tax aspect and you are really saving a ton.

If you really want to score a big bargain, consider shopping at Dubai's biggest online store. They can afford to sell items so much cheaper because they don't have to pay overhead like rent and electricity bills. I highly recommend online shopping in Dubai.

So yeah there are still bargains to be found. So make sure you do your research and know exactly where to go and when. Be on the look out for deals and special offers. We will be constantly updating you on the latest news and how the shopping trends change in Dubai.

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