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Experiencing a Dubai Short Break Can Be Loads of Fun Read Why?

Need a Dubai Short Break? No worries, I (Sunil) am right at your service.

Dubai, situated as it is, on the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula, makes it the perfect destination to head to for a short break.

A Dubai short break would definitely be something that we all need from time to time.

Most of us feel the urge to get away from everything and with Dubai being located so centrally on the world’s map, makes it the optimum choice of the whole lot (a bit far for us North Americans however).

I have to confess that prior to my initial trip to Dubai few years back I had always imagined it to be a sedate backwater city, a common enough misconception to make, I guess.

Let us just say that my trip there made it clear to me in more ways than one that there is nothing ‘sedate’ about this city.

My visit to this city was one of those ‘Dubai short breaks’, with just a few days halt at the most.

I had mistakenly assumed that there would not be much to see, so there would be no need for me to stay for more than a week at the most. I have to say that when I landed here, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Not only did I find out that Dubai literally reeked adventure and life from top to bottom, but I ended up extending my stay here by a few days, not an easy task, given that most of the hotel rooms had been booked in advance. This is the perfect place to take a short vacation or a long one, whichever one you prefer.

If you are in the mood for a light adventure, you can take part in one of the ‘Arabian Adventures’. Personally, I found that experience a little too dull, the whole adventure being more or less a drive about in a 4X4, I am still not sure what the adventure was all about. But I can tell you that the drive along for more than 6 hours with a guide who spoke the ‘bare minimum’ in the Queen’s language was an adventure in itself.

I guess I just had a bad experience myself because everyone else that I know or heard from that did this had an absolute blast. I guess I went on a bad day and just got stuck with am average guide. I have looked at several reviews online and they all have nothing but great things to say about the Arabian Adventures.

But that episode apart, there are quite a few adventures lined up in Dubai for the brave and the foolhardy. Well, I count myself as belonging to the later club and needless to say; I took part in cruising, diving, hot air ballooning as well as Para gliding. So, if you are in the mood for a real adventure and not a placid drive in a 4X4, then you need to get here double quick.

My Dubai short stay became more of an in-house experiment in trying to see how high my adrenalin levels would shoot up. You may find that there are quite a few adventure options available to you in this city and that it would not leave you much time to do anything else. So make sure that you organize your plans accordingly, if you plan to have a rocking time in this city.

If you are a racing buff as I am, then make sure that you leave a day or two to watch some of the camel races. It is the same as horse racing with a wee bit more of ‘unpredictable’ thrown in, making the whole thing a literal game of luck.

Frankly, I did not win that much at the races, but I enjoyed the experience of watching the animals trot off to the finishing line, never knowing which one is going to cross the line first.

It is an experience that you should not miss out on any account. Whether you are planning a Dubai short break or a long one, I am sure that you would be able to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

And if you want your first Dubai short break to be fully organized for you by experts to save you the planning headache, consider the Hayes Jarvis travel team. I have tried these guys and they are worth every bit of what they promise.

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