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Hi, Sunil here to talk to you about Dubai Sports City!

There is no better time to invest in Dubai than now.

Lol – how many times have you heard that?

It’s a matter of perspective really.

Some like me think that there is a huge bubble about the burst while others just are making a killing every day.

A lot depends on your risk profile and your appetite to absorb the bubble bursting blows if you get caught in one.

That said, there is a ton of money being made in Dubai.

Dubai is split into several master planned zones with each offering unique opportunities to property investors.

You can easily invest even if you are overseas. The key word to look out for is “freehold”.

The Dubai government has been encouraging property investment for a few years now and as a result has designated certain areas as freehold zones where investors can buy property. Prior to the freehold zones, only local Nationals of Dubai were allowed to buy land.

Dubai Sports City (“DSC”) is one of those freehold zones. Dubai Sports City, the world's first purpose-built sports city and will incorporate state-of-the-art sporting venues and academies along with residential and commercial developments. This is a sports fan’s dream. If I ever moved to Dubai I would probably look into this area so I can catch ball games after work as often as I want!

As an investor, you can buy apartment units, condominiums, town homes and villas. I saw a lot of these residential structures already in construction when I was there in late 2007. This is another city within a city in Dubai. The Dubai Sports City will have schools nearby, its own police station and medical centers to make it a complete “city”.

A promotional video on Dubai Sports City

The city will include many sporting academies that will attract the best and brightest athletes from all over the world. Manchester United Soccer School, ICC Global Cricket Academy, David Lloyd Tennis Center and Butch Harmon School of Golf are just a few names that will have a presence in DSC.

DSC will also have a top notch medical facility including a specialist sports medicine and re-habilitation center. This facility will also provide the main medical services for the entire development including 24-hour emergency facilities.

Toping all that off will be a sports mall where you can shop and dine in a sporting environment as sports is the main theme in this “city”. There will be numerous gyms, health clubs and many other sports related amenities.

The key highlight of DSC will be the 60,000 seat outdoor stadium that can accommodate multiple sporting events such as soccer/football, rugby, track and field and other sporting events as well.

There will also be a 25,000 seat cricket stadium and a 10,000 seat indoor arena for hockey, basketball and volleyball, a similar indoor-outdoor set-up to the United States. The indoor facilities will also be used for concerts and similar events.

So what is in it for you as an investor? If you are looking to invest in Dubai, consider the Dubai Sports City. Why? Because this area revolves around one concept, sports. Most of the city’s land space will be dedicated to sports facilities and relatively few residential structures will be scattered in and between sporting facilities.

Prices usually go up anytime you have a low supply and high demand. In this case, the scarcity of residences in this highly demanded area will continue to place upward pressure on residential unit prices.

In fact, property contracts have already gone up a few times while the structures have been in preconstruction stages. Only time will tell how high the prices will climb in this area. It’s a great opportunity for a speculative real estate investor with some hard cash laying around.

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