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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Dubai stock exchange.

But just keep in mind I typed up this discussion in early 2008 (Updated in 2012).

White the rest of the world markets continue to reel from the sub-prime disaster, the Dubai stock market happens to be one of the very few that continues to remain unaffected.

That’s good news for all of us; one of the reasons as to why our stock exchange continues to be largely unaffected could be on account of the fact that it is still brand new.

Having opened up shop only in March 2000, this exchange is not the same as Wall Street (yet).

With business booming, it is only logical to expect that the stock exchange would come into play sooner than later.

I had always wondered as to the efficiency of any stock exchange listing and as to whether the prices are fixed or not? I am sure that you must have had such naïve ideas floating in your head as well.

It is a valid query given that most of us are not stock market honchos and that if we are going to invest our money, then we need all the details first. The same applies to the Dubai stock market; in order to gauge the profit accurately, we will need to analyze the right details accurately.

So I did a bit of research into the Dubai stock exchange and was pleasantly surprised to note that it has a foolproof system of protection in place to avoid rigging by any of the stock specialists. Now that is good news indeed, for without the basic consumer confidence, the whole market may well collapse like a pack of cards.

The stock exchange started with just 4 members but today the number has grown well beyond that, saying a lot about the exchange in the process. Today some of the biggest global companies like Credit Suisse, Deutsche bank, UBS AG and the ever-popular Citibank are listed here.

The Dubai stock exchange has grown both in size and scope since it got the license to operate from the Dubai International Financial Center. Today, it stands as a beacon of opportunity offering companies an easy access to the world markets as well as an easy way to market capitalization.

If you own a Dubai based company in need of urgent capital resources, you can approach the Dubai exchange for some urgent capitalization. Of course, the process would not be easy and would naturally involve a fair amount of red tape, but it can be done. Remember, this is not the US Wall Street stock market.

The Dubai stock exchange has managed to combine the very best in technology with accurate trading information so that all the clients are provided with exact price movements accordingly. Given the quality of the infrastructure here, I guess we should not expect anything but the very best for our stock exchange experience.

The Dubai stock exchange offers us with an opportunity to invest in local companies as well as international ones. The exchange utilizes technology to reflect the correct prices and allows us to track the prices second by second.

From what I can make out, the time lag between this market as well as other markets is very minimal (if any). The exchange has managed to open up Dubai as a market for investment to the whole world, literally.

I am very much exited to track its progress. I will continue to update this discussion so stay tuned. You will be the first one to hear it. Sign-up for the Dubai City Blog to get automatic updates of new news. Also bookmark this site so you can visit often!

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