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Sunil here to talk about Dubai TELF jobs.

Although many would still argue against English as the international language, it still remains a fact that many countries and businesses still rely on English as a means of communication.

There is now an increased demand for teaching English in a foreign language to make the learning process much faster for foreigners in Dubai from all around the world.

There are many who have no background on English at all, so it is critical that English is taught with the use of the learner’s native language so that these individuals who want to learn English can understand what you are trying to teach them.

You don’t want to lose stuff in translation.

There are now many different ways to do TELF and in Dubai alone TELF can be taught through the internet and in classrooms.

This gives more people the chance to learn English at a more convenient location, at a time convenient for them. There are those who would want private teaching at their place of residence while others would want to learn though the internet with the use of Web conference. Whatever the set up is there are of course advantages and disadvantages.

If you have a high English proficiency this would be a good chance for you to earn good money as many are willing to pay quite a bit to learn English. They also want their children to speak fluent English, so they have the advantage of being able to communicate fluently with other foreigners (and the world for that matter). TELF jobs sometimes do not require you to be in Dubai to teach although there are some that would prefer onsite teaching.

There are job offers to teach English that are given out even if you are located in another country thanks to modern technology. There are companies that will hire you in your area and simply set up a link through the internet and schedule teachings sessions with students in Dubai. There are many job offers for this kind of work on the Internet. Sending an application is very easy since you can do it online, and sometimes they can even conduct online job interviews if you have and are open to web conferencing.

The qualifications to teach however can be rigid, since companies want to be able to provide students with the best teachers possible. After all, tuition fees are not cheap for this gig. It would mean more advantages to you as an applicant if you can speak more than two or three languages. For example, I speak Hindi/Urdu and Tagalog, languages that are spoken by the majority in Dubai. I can secure a English teaching job anytime I want.

It is not enough to merely know how to speak the language. Your speaking skills must be native or near native. You must be able to communicate at above normal levels with your students, and that is why companies often require you to have TELF certificates if you want to get hired or if you want to do this as a full time job. As a full time job, companies may even offer to bring you over to Dubai to work there.

There are a lot of Dubai TELF jobs you can take advantage of with the language skills that you have. It’s always good to learn and know more. These skills can open all kinds of doors for you and your career. Maybe this is the job that you have been looking for so that you can get to Dubai? Or you may decide that someday after you retire, you’d like to take up something more relaxing and meaningful (teaching others and making a difference).

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