Dubai Tour - A Guide for People Visiting Dubai
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Dubai Tour - A Guide for People Visiting Dubai

Sunil here to talk about your Dubai tour.

Dubai is the ultimate tourist destination in the Middle East.

With a place as diverse and exotic as Dubai, it is a must that you take the time to organize a Dubai tour to get a glimpse of the glamour of the city, and everything it has to offer.

The best thing about visiting Dubai is that it caters to all walks of life, whether you are a laid back city dweller or an extreme adventure seeker, you are sure to find a tour that suits your interest.

You can choose to have a two hour city tour for as low as $20 or an overnight pleasure trip that includes travelling to the more far-flung places in Dubai.

You can also opt for a personalized tour of the city if you want a more exclusive sightseeing date for you and your family or friends, and avoid the large crowds in group packages.

This will also give you an opportunity to ask what you want to know about the city and more time for shopping. Expect that personalized tours will cost you a bit more money than the group tours, of course.

It is best to plan your destinations before you tour Dubai to ensure that you will be able to check out the places that you really want to see. There is a lot of information available online about packaged tours that many travel agencies offer.

However, if you haven’t booked a tour yet prior to arriving in the city, you can consult with your hotel concierge about tour companies and whether they offer a tour to the places that you want to visit. You can also go to the city center and find travel agencies that can help in booking your desired tour.

Tourism in Dubai is growing tremendously, rain or shine, recession or not. Year after year, new tourist attractions are emerging. It is highly recommended that you take the Dubai Dhow Cruise, where you cruise along the Dubai creek, can view the magnificent Dubai skyline and eat dinner in a grand buffet – all these aboard a luxurious boat. This costs around $45 USD per person, a price well worth the experience.

Dubai is home to modern day architecture and tall skyscrapers, and if you want to have a feel of the old Dubai, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then go visit Bastakiya to have a taste of the historic and old Arabian architecture.

Make sure you check out the wind tunnels up above the homes. This used to be the manual air conditioning system. This is the home of the wealthy Persian merchants, where you will barely find traces of the urbanization of the city. This is also where the Al Fahidi Fort is.

If you are seeking a unique and thrilling adventure, you can go dune bashing which is a part of the Desert Safari tour. It is an experience like no other where you get to drive up and down the sand hills. You can also watch the sunset from a desert point of view, eat a sumptuous dinner, and watch an exotic belly dancing show. Where else can you get an all-in-one unique travel experience like this?

Dubai is known for its hot weather, but inside the Mall of Emirates, which is one of the world’s largest malls, an indoor ski resort – Ski Dubai can be found. A snow covered resort situated in the midst of a hot and sandy city is an unlikely attraction indeed.

It is where you can ski, snowboard, or go tobogganing with your family without the need to wait for winter to fly to the mountain ski resorts in the northern countries. Skiing in Dubai is an activity you won’t want to miss.

There are still countless other attractions in Dubai that are worth seeing. These tourist attractions will surely make your Dubai tour exciting and memorable. Make sure that the travel agency that arranges your Dubai tour is a reputable one that will pick you up on time and provide you with an in depth information while touring the city.

You can check with your hotel if you are not comfortable finding one on your own. Or you can go with Viator, my personal favorite and one which I have recommended to a ton. Lastly, make sure you capture all those memorable moments and places so don’t forget to bring your camera!

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