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Hi, Sunil here to share important Dubai tourist information

The best way to prepare for a trip to Dubai is to learn all about the “must know’ tourist information that can be found either online on Dubai websites like this one or through your hotel when you first arrive.

Dubai itself is an amazing place to visit, but with any foreign country you are visiting you want to make sure that you know enough about it before you get there.

To start with, let’s look at some of the basics:

Climate – The typical climate in Dubai sunny throughout the year. It is very hot and very humid for the majority of the months so dress comfortably and in summer type clothes. In the winter months you may need a sweater or jacket in the evenings.

Religion – The official religion of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Islam but other religions are respected as well in Dubai.

Language – Arabic is the official language but English is widely understood by most.

Currency – The currency in Dubai that is most accepted is the Dh, or Dirham. Most places do not take US dollars or other currencies. You can exchange your money at any hotel or bank. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted as well.

Business Hours – Traditionally the weekend starts early Thursday afternoon and lasts through Friday, but more and more the businesses are working through Thursday and taking off Saturday instead. Check to make sure if what you want to visit is open on those days as it does vary.

Water – Always a concern, the tap water is usually safe but there is plenty of mineral water available in hotels and restaurants. I’ve never gotten sick in Dubai personally.

Hospitals – There are many well equipped hospitals. Dubai Hospital is considered one of the best medical centers in the Middle East if it is needed.

Keep in mind that when you visit Dubai that there are a lot of rules that you should be aware of. Considering that Dubai is so deeply rooted in tradition and quite conservative there are some things to keep in mind. Get yourself a guide with good Dubai tourist information.

First, when it comes to photography, it is widely accepted with the exception of photographing people. You should never take pictures of Muslim women and for men; you should ask permission first which is usually granted. It is very offensive if you just take random pictures of people.

When sitting down you should never sit in a way that the soles of your feet are pointing at someone else. It is considered rude and can be quite distasteful to the people who live in Dubai. Along with this, you should never drink alcohol in public and instead should keep it contained to the bars and restaurants.

When it comes to tipping you should tip 10% on average, although some restaurants include gratuities so always double check before leaving without tipping. Lastly, never eat, drink, or smoke in public during daylight hours during the time of Ramadan. Not only is it offensive, but it is also illegal and can land you in jail.

Speaking of jail, there is one important law that you should be aware of. The officials of Dubai are very serious about their drug laws. If you get caught with drugs, or even have it in your bloodstream the minimum jail time is four years mandatory. That is four years before you will be able to go home again.

Don’t test them either because they are absolutely serious about arresting you and keeping you there. They refuse to have drugs in their country and have made the laws incredibly harsh to keep them out.

This is your basic Dubai tourist information that you need to know. You should print it out or write it down before heading over to Dubai so you can be well prepared to have a wonderful and worry free vacation.

If you have not arranged your travel plans yet and want to avoid the hassle of planning and reservations, consider the Hayes Jarvis travel team to arrange your trip for you. They are by far the best in this industry.

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