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The Essential Dubai Tourists Tips You Need to Know

Hi, Sunil here to share essential Dubai tourists tips you need to know!

Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world to visit, and there is a lot to see and do – but there is also a lot to know so that you can experience Dubai the right way.

First things first; you must secure a valid visa so that you can enter Dubai.

There are several types of visas but you will only need to get a tourist visa which is valid for 30 days starting from the day you arrive in Dubai.

To get this type of visa you must be sponsored by either the hotel in which you are staying or the tour group that you will be traveling with.

When you get there you are sure going to want to loosen your budget as things can get pretty pricey there.

Most places take credit cards or debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, but if you need cash there are plenty of banks available.

Just keep in mind that they are closed on Fridays. If you need an ATM, most banks have one available, but there are some located at almost 500 bus shelters as well.

Learning a few words in Arabic won’t hurt you either. That is the most used language in the UAE but it is difficult to master. Most of the time though you won’t have to worry about because most major establishments have employees that speak English, but it is nice to try to learn a few of the most popular words and phrases.

When it comes to transportation one of the best Dubai tourists tips to know is to skip hiring a car and simply take a taxi (though I personally prefer renting your own car if you want to go beyond just Dubai City). There are taxi stands everywhere and they are more apt to know how to maneuver the car to avoid any accidents.

There is a ton of traffic in Dubai and it can be difficult to navigate when you are unfamiliar with the roads. Taxis can take you anywhere, even to the dunes and far out places. They aren’t that expensive either as there are “shared” taxi stands where you can get a group of people to go in a van to save some money.

So before you get on the plane and head out on your much needed vacation, here are some Dubai tourist’s tips that you should keep in mind.

General Dubai Tourists Tips

  • To get oriented with the city consider taking The Big Bus Tour which is a comprehensive way to see Dubai
  • Stop in a supermarket or bookshop to pick up a discount coupon book to save money. It is called The Entertainer UAE and for only about 175 Dhs. you can get some buy one get one free discounts for tour buses, restaurants, Ski Dubai, Wild Wadi as well as other places in and around Dubai. You’ll easily recover the price of the book in no time.
  • If you are visiting Deira or anywhere near the creek on the Bur Dubai side you should go in the morning as the traffic can be very bad in the afternoon and evenings.
  • Most shops and commercial places are closed on Fridays
  • Most parks have women and children only day so always look at the signage before you walk into any park to make sure if you are a man that you are allowed.

Customs in Dubai

One of the most important Dubai tourists tips you need to be aware of are the customs in Dubai, including etiquette. Here are the most important ones:
  • Do not bring pornographic materials into Dubai
  • Never refuse refreshments that are offered to you at a business or private home as it will be considered an insult
  • Remove your shoes at the entrance to any private home if invited in
  • In general try to eat only with your right hand as your left hand is considered unclean
  • Try not to discuss religion or politics with any locals
  • The dress code is more conservative in Abu Dhabi and in general women should not show off too much of their body in a sexy manner
  • Always be respectful, as they consider you to be guests of the country
  • Do not eat, smoke, or drink in public during the tradition of Ramadan
By knowing these important Dubai tourists tips you will have a much more enjoyable vacation and fit right into this amazing culture. Most importantly, you will stay out of trouble haha!!

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