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If you are planning of traveling to Dubai for a vacation or a business trip, you have to at least get to know about the place before you actually get on a plane and start what could be a great adventure.

You need to find a source of credible information that can not only get you through the new place but also allow you to really experience its beauty before you leave (to see what you must see and to do what you must do).

The Internet is the preferred place to get the much needed information these days.

However as you may probably have seen there are hundreds of websites to choose from, all giving different kinds of information about traveling to Dubai, where to go for dinner, fun, etc.

You certainly want to try the different outdoor adventure packages that are offered, the different cuisines and entertainment options that the city boasts.

The problem is that most websites on Dubai are designed with a commercial intent, to sell sell and sell some more.

This can be overwhelming and it can be very difficult to sort through the quality information, especially if it is covered with advertisements all over. You don’t need all that if you are simply looking for basic information such as a place to stay at or a low key restaurant to dine in.

One of the better places you can get Dubai travel information from is from the Dubai tourism website. You can get accurate and up to date information about where to go during your tour of the city and learn about the happenings during your planned date of visit. They have a good website that can provide you with information about travel requirement, hotels that they recommend and places that would make your visit memorable.

There is also limited advertisement so you don’t have to get annoyed with all the pop ups that really have nothing to do with your stay in Dubai. There are also some links you can visit that would tell you about the culture and its people. So while you are connected online, you might want to bookmark their website for easy access in planning your vacation or when you need information when you are in Dubai. You will also find out the latest travel advisories (if any), concerns within the city, weather, what clothes to wear, etc.

Similarly, there are other websites that you can visit to get other information that may not be included in the official tourism site, such as first hand and practical information on Dubai. In other words, the straight forward “tell it like it is” view point. That is where our website comes in. We created this website specifically for that purpose only, to help travelers and provide first hand information about Dubai and everything related to it.

When going to Dubai, remember that the basic fundamentals of traveling are no different as going to any other place on Earth. Learn the basics of the place you are to visit, and always use your common sense. Stick to your travel documents like glue so that you have them when needed (i.e. passport). Educate yourself about Dubai before you go. Feel free to print our website (any relevant pages). Many of our visitors do that before going to Dubai and they take the print outs with them. Hope this discussion on Dubai travel infomation was helpful?

Also, book your accommodations in Dubai before you go. Finally, take a reliable Dubai city guide with you in addition to all the website print outs. The rest is all about the adventure of discovering what the city can offer you. We hope you found this brief discussion on Dubai travel information helpful.  Enjoy and come back to tell us about your trip!

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