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The Larger than Life Dubai Underwater Hotel - 10 STAR

Dubai is no stranger to mass millionaires and extravagant buildings, and the next addition to its long list of opulent dwellings is The Hydropolis.

Unlike other structures in the world, the Hydropolis comes with a whole new twist, it’s designed for those who want to stay close to the sea bed meaning underwater.

If these plans come to fruition, Dubai will be not only own the world’s largest mall and tallest building, but also the largest underwater hotel.

Designed by Professor Roland Dieterle, the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is proposed to be located just off the cost of the famed Jumeirah beach and submerged 66 feet below the Persian Gulf.

When fully constructed, the Hydropolis will span across an astounding 260 hectares or the size of London’s Hyde Park.

Estimated construction costs for this surreal structure comes in at just under $500 million, and a single night’s sleep at this 10 star hotel estimated at just $5000.

It all started with water villas and underwater spas in the Maldives and now hoteliers in Dubai are keen on taking this idea to a whole new level by allowing guests to enjoy the highlife at a subterranean level.  Scheduled to open in 2006, construction of the Hydropolis has stopped in its tracks due to a number of technical difficulties.

Blueprint of the Hydropolis Hotel

Claimed to the largest contemporary structures in the world, the Hydropolis is divided into three slices; the guests will be welcomed through the land station, after which they will be transported by train through a connecting tunnel to the main area of the hotel. The last element is the 220 expansive suites that are located in the submarine leisure complex of the hotel.

The land on which this magic is set to take place belongs to his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – the ruler of Dubai. Along with the support of His Highness, there are now more than 150 global firms instilled in transforming the Hydropolis hotel from fiction to fact. According to Joachim Hauser – co-developer and designer of the Hydropolis, the initial idea for the hotel was a result of his passion for the seas, and was not about building an underwater retreat.

Hauser further states that the Hydropolis is a representation of a human organism laid out architecturally simply because the earth consists of 80% water and so does the human body so the philosophy is that without water, there is no life. In terms of its outer aesthetics, the Hydropolis is a geometrical element inscribed in a circle, which will be infused with a number of function areas such as bars, restaurants, theme suites and meeting rooms.

The grand ballroom will be located in the centre of this shindig, and connected to the main areas of the hotel through various pathways. Staging of open air events will be made possible with the expansive petal shaped retractable roof, with access to the ballroom granted by additional lifts, ramps and staircases. Visitors to the Hydropolis will begin their memorable journey at the semi-circular 120m woven cylinder that’s perched over the multi-storey structure. From the lower level of this land station, guests will board a noiseless train that’s powered by a fully automatic cable and supported by a reinforced steel guideway to the Hydropolis. Apart from this, a similar train will exclusively transport cargo and supplies to the hotel.

Since it is not the characteristics of the Hydropolis that creates the attraction, it’s the concept of water, all the elements of the hotel are water based such as a movies played on the big screens, to the educational activities for children. Visitors will also receive a comprehensive course into the construction and development of the hotel, and non- swimmers will now be able to indulge in the magic of underwater marine life just by visiting the Hydropolis.

While you wait for your train at the land station, you are welcome to visit the plethora of boutiques, shops and services, which includes a high-tech cinema, a marine biologist laboratory, cosmetic surgery clinic and a number of world class diners. Due to its unique design concepts, the Hydropolis will be the only escape in Dubai where staying in the ardent summers will be a delight.

This will further be made possible with the help of extra shades for exterior spaces, artificial clouds of pneumatic construction and fog. If you require ultimate privacy and security, the Hydropolis has you covered with the secluded embarkation facility. That’s not all, in order to maintain optimal accessibility and discretion; the Hydropolis will feature security parameters that shield you from aerial threats, unauthorized access and underwater threats.

The spa at the Hydropolis is an icon in its own being, and will exemplify state of the art facilities and new wellness techniques exclusive to the hotel. Set in an ambience of a Roman Thermae, the health and spa area will be enhanced by innovative healing techniques, a liquid sound pool set in the middle circumvented by sculptured objects of crystal glass. The interior of the spa will connect to the outdoor area and beach locations, which are illuminated and are a sight to behold after sunset.

The culinary experience at the Hydropolis has a direct connotation with the overall water based experience. Not only does the intriguing selection of food and beverages tie in seamlessly with the theme of the Hydropolis, it also corresponds to the interior architecture and the molding of the architectural hull. Each restaurant can facilitate up to 150 guests, and provide a harmonic diversity of culinary themes of the world. The flair of maritime delicacies, diversity of the Lebanese Kitchen is crafted to tantalize the most discerning foodies.

Hydropolis is one of the most prestigious real estate development projects in Dubai and the world, and definitely a beginning in a new era of hotels. 

Hope to see this one come back and materialize soon!

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