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This is Sunil and my frequent visits to Dubai made me realize that there was more to this exotic destination than is listed in the many travel brochures.

This is the perfect destination to go on a vacation to, it has more or less, a bit of everything for everyone, even you and me.

I have always been fascinated with the souks that you can find at any street corner here, with their mysterious air and the variety of their wares.

A Dubai vacation is something that all of us can look forward to, without a doubt.

Dubai is today a prominent tourist destination as well as one of the business capitals of the world, something that we would all know by just looking at any of the travel brochures. But this city has quite an interesting past and offers so much more than what is covered by any of the travel synopsis on this exotic destination.

There is so much to see here that it is hard to quantify the time required to ‘drink’ in this city to the dregs. That was my problem during my first visit to this city, I could really never make up my mind as to which place to visit or which Dubai entertainment I should take part in.

I guess it is every traveler’s dilemma when they first make their encounter with this fabled city. I was lucky enough to travel to Dubai during the ‘shopping season’; it made me realize just how fabulous this shopping extravaganza truly was.

For one, there are more than 25 shopping malls in Dubai so if you are a “shopaholic”, then this is the place that you should be making a beeline to. But do note that even though most of these shopping malls offer a variety of products from designer handbags to intricately woven Persian carpets; keep an eye out for fakes.

I was offered a gold Rolex watch for as little as $100, at one of the souks that dot this city here and there. Well, you can buy the fake as a gag or as a present for someone, but do keep in mind that a gold Rolex at that rate would definitely be a fake.

The best part about shopping in Dubai is the low cost as well as the zero tax on the shopping itself. One of the best things that you can invest in over here would definitely be gold, which is available here for a lot less than in most of the other places in the world, making it a valuable investment. The flights to Dubai may be tiresome, but once you get over here and take in the beauty of the city, you will see that it is worth the trouble.

In addition to the numerous shopping malls, Dubai has facilities for golfing as well as horse racing, should you be in the mood for any one of those. There are various ancient buildings as well as modern monuments that you can explore at your own leisure.

I have to say that some of the mosaics on these mosques just blew me away; they are nothing short of beautiful. The perfect time for a Dubai vacation would be anytime from September to February, with many of the Dubai hotels offering attractive rates during that time.

But as far as Dubai is concerned, there is no off-season. Dubai even has a man made island, one that you can either stay in or just visit for kicks, I am talking about the man-made Dubai palm islands.

So if you planning on taking a flight to Dubai anytime soon, take some time off to organize your trip for once you land here, you will not be able to do it, as the city will distract you for sure!

We both know how troubling it can be to put your vacation plans together. With flights, hotels, car rentals, things to do, etc. it can get really stressful very fast. Consider booking your vacation through the best in the industry.

Kish and I have also pre-arranged special discounts on Dubai tours that you can do. Access them here and save on your booking.

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