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Hi, Sunil here to talk about Dubai villas

One of the first things that you are bound to notice as soon as you enter proper Dubai is that things are a bit on the expensive side here.

So a stay in a hotel is bound to set you more than a few hundred dollars behind and the rents here tend to increase with unappetizing regularity.

Before renting out an apartment or one of the Dubai villas, it is a good idea to negotiate a rental contract with the owner and see if you can get a lock on the rental charge as well.

Villas are most popular for families. A villa is just a fancy name for a single family home, except constructed much stronger with a bunch of design flavor (unlike most of the cookie-cutter homes in the USA).

Villas are mostly owned by local businesses and Nationals as most of the established ones are located in a no “freehold” zone. Expats are only allowed to buy property in “freehold” zones and as of 2008, villas are just now being built in these areas.

Renting a Dubai villa is the only option in a no freehold zone. Dubai has become notorious for high rents as well as rapid increases in the same with very little advance notice. However the government has taken note of the renter’s plight and has come to their help by enforcing a rental cap of 15% initially and now a cap of 5% is effectively in place.

What this means for you and me is that the owner cannot increase the rent of the villa or apartment beyond this rate in any given year. Of course, as to whether all the landowners follow this rule is anybody’s guess. The Dubai villas are a perfect place to rent out, as most of them are a part of one gated community or the other. In addition, they come stocked with all the latest furniture, so you really do not have to go about looking for things to buy.

Not that there is anything wrong in purchasing furniture or a refrigerator, but since it is already supplied at the villa, there is no need for the additional expense. Most of the Dubai houses especially the villas are taken by the expats as they offer a cheaper way to experience Dubai.

This is what a normal house in Dubai looks like. They are called a villa

How Much They Cost & How to Find One?

The villas can cost as much as $3,500 per month (2008 figures) to rent and you may be much better off if you can manage a rental allowance from your company. When renting, keep in mind that rent tends to go up year after year, so if you are looking for paying the same rate for an extended period of time, then you should negotiate a long-term rental contract with the owner.

The water and electricity bills for the villa should come to Dhs. 2,000 per month (this is approx $600) and are payable by you. A lot of this is due to the AC being on all year long. You are in the desert after all.

Most of the real estate agencies list the villas on the market with the rates but keep in mind that these rates are not all inclusive. That is, while renting, you will have to pay the maintenance charge as well as the municipality tax, which normally comes around to 5% of the annual rent.

Some of the villas are not standalone villas and come as a part of a resort or a gated community. Either way, such villas will offer you more amenities and provide you with better security.

The rent for Dubai villas as well as other apartments is payable annually although there are exceptions to this. In order to find the place you desire, the first thing that you need to do is to hire a good real estate agent. Ask around, most of time the word of mouth should provide you with the right person for the job.

Rents at most of the places tend to be a bit high and is always linked to the demand for such a property. So if you were to look for houses/villas in not-so-popular areas of Dubai, the rent is bound to come down. Renting a villa or an apartment is one of the most cost effective ways to experience Dubai in all its glory.

Some of the bigger, higher end Dubai homes (aka. Villas)

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