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What are the Dubai Visa Requirements?


What are the Dubai visa requirements and what to do to get a Dubai visit visa or a Dubai tourist visa?

Now that you’ve decided to visit Dubai, you’ll need to first learn about Dubai visa issuance.

If you’ve travelled anywhere outside of your home country before, you know that most countries require that you have a visa in order to be able to enter into and stay in the country.

Most people who visit Dubai usually get a Dubai visit visa, also known as a Dubai tourist visa.

For visitors from most countries, this visa can be granted by the Dubai Embassy in your home country before your departure.

If you decide to get your visa before you leave home, you’ll want to allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for the processing and delivery of your Dubai visa.

It is also possible to be granted a temporary visa at the airport once you arrive in Dubai.

Dubai Visa Requirements

Depending on which country is your country of residence, you may be issued a visa for up to a one month (30 days) stay.

Citizens of the Arab Gulf Co-operation Council countries (GCC) do not need to have a visa to enter into or stay in Dubai. These countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Citizens of the UK will automatically be granted a free 30 day visa upon arrival in Dubai. Residents of 33 other ‘privileged countries’, including the US, France, Italy, Australia, and Greece will be granted a 30 day visa for the price of roughly $28, although most of the time this fee is not collected for some reason.

Dubai Visa Requirements

If you happen to be from a country that is not a part of the GCC or the other privileged countries, the Dubai visa requirements are slightly different. You will need to have a Dubai visa sponsorship in order to obtain a Dubai tourist visa.

It’s relatively easy to get a visa sponsorship. Most major hotels offer the service to their clients as do travel agencies (for a fee). You could also be sponsored by someone living in Dubai, such as a friend or relative as long as they earn at least Dhs. 4000 per month or more.                                                    

When receiving visa sponsorship from your hotel, the hotel will most likely hold your passport until all outstanding fees and charges have been paid. Getting a visa this way can be a bit expensive, though.

It cost roughly $180 for a sponsored visa. There are also certain Dubai visa requirements that apply if you are moving to Dubai to live. You would then need to apply for a residence visa which is also known as an employment visa. These visas are normally issued for a period of 3 years and require you to have a medical examination and get a health card.

If you are moving to Dubai with your family, you’ll need to get a family visa which allows you to sponsor your parents, spouse, and children who are under 18.

Hopefully I have enlightened you and given you some useful knowledge that may come in handy should you ever decide to visit Dubai.           

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