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Dubai Waterfront DVD - 60 Minute Special On the Waterfront

** 2 Stars

Hi, Sunil here to review the 60 minutes video On The Dubai Waterfront

This video was released around the time of the Dubai Ports Deal that stirred a massive controversy in the United States congress.

This video provides a deeper look into the true issue and why it was such a big deal to US politicians. 60 Minutes - On the Waterfront

The DVD goes into “what if” scenarios and provides a good look at the US ports and the security operations around them.

It is a known but often overlooked fact that the US security around these ports cannot inspect absolutely everything that comes through.

There is just so much shortage of port staff. The video discusses the vulnerability faced by the US as a consequence of relaxed security at its ports.

There are some very good facts provided in this documentary.

It’s just that for me it is difficult to watch something and take sides based strictly on the “selected” information shown in these DVDs. But nonetheless, it’s definitely a thought provoker.

It gets my thumbs up. Go and get it :)

Read more about it here: 60 Minutes - On the Waterfront

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