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Largest Man-Made Development in the World

Hi Sunil here to talk about the Dubai Waterfront

This project should also be thrown into the list of the wonders of the world.

I mean why not – it is ONLY the largest man-made development in the world (as of 2012).

When I was in Dubai back in 2007, I visited the area and saw the development that is taking place. (2012 Update:  Recently visited the completed development.  This place is plain amazing)

I can’t tell you how amazed I was.

Dubai just keeps it coming and keeps you on your toes for the next best thing.

The Dubai Waterfront is also referred to as only the Waterfront area in Dubai. Once developed, this area of Dubai will have residential buildings, commercial activities, resorts and many other recreational facilities. It is a city of its own within Dubai City.

The area will be a collection of artificial islands and many canals that will be constructed right along the Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai. The project is being developed by Nakheel, a world class real estate developer that is one of the largest in the world.

The area is located near the new Dubai World Central International Airport within the Jebel Ali Freezone area. Access to Dubai’s main road (Sheikh Zayed Road) and Abu Dhabhi is also nearby.

Most of the Waterfront area will be along the shoreline and will extend into the Persian Gulf. The extension piece will be filled with residential communities much like the set up of the Dubai Palm Islands. The mainland area of the Waterfront project will have residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

The Waterfront project was awarded by the government to the Dubai Waterfront Company and it is open to foreign investment. The majority ownership of 51% will remain with its developer however (for decision making purposes).

This entire area is under constructions (as of 2007). When I was there I learned that the completed portion of the development (approximately 30%) was shown to investors and it sold out within 5 days for more than $12 billion.

Try to vision this, imagine a Palm Island surrounded by a bunch of other small islands. One of the three palm islands, the Palm Jebel Ali, will be surrounded by the Waterfront islands once completed.

the Dubai Waterfront

Here take a look at the Dubai Waterfront main website. This website will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY! It certainly blew mine!

There will be several zones (areas) within the Waterfront project. Some include The Riviera, Palm Boulevard, Al Ras, Corniche, Madinat Al Arab, Uptown, Downtown, The Peninsula, Boulevard and The Exchange. The highlight of the project is the Madinat Al Arab.

It will have all kinds of shops and industries as well as residential communities. The area is supposed to get its own mini transportation system as well. This will most likely be a rail system.

The developers are instructed to make this the main area within the Waterfront community. The government intends to make this area to long term central business district of Dubai.

The Dubai Waterfront is a great project undertaken by Dubai’s government because it will aid in the lessening of the congestion problem in Dubai. The Waterfront will add 70 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline. Pretty soon Dubai will be twice the size it is.

The total area of the Waterfront project is designed at 1.4 billion square feet. This is bigger than many small countries! 1.5 million people are estimated to live in the Waterfront area.

This video will blow your mind away!

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