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Dubai World Cup – Today’s Seven Race Extravaganza (Updated for 2012)

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Dubai World Cup

What started just a few years ago as an honorary invitational has turned into a huge seven race global extravaganza that has caught the attention of not only horse racing enthusiasts but also others across the world.

As the Dubai World Cup has gathered momentum over the years, it has grown from a single race into the seven race thriller that it is today.

From start to finish, each of the seven races differs in its own subtle ways and yet surely provides an edge of the seat experience for all those who are lucky enough to be present at the Dubai World Cup.

Types of Races at the Dubai World Cup

First up is the Dubai Kahayla Classic, a Group 1 race. As the race with the lowest purse, it still weighs in at a fairly decent 250 thousand dollar total. What differs most about this race is that it is completely for Purebred Arabian horses, and watching these beauties run across the 2 thousand meter dirt track that this race spans is nothing less than a majestic sight.

Next is the Godolphin Mile, which was originally called the Nad Al Sheba Mile in 1994 and is a Group 2 race. This race is for three year old Southern hemisphere thoroughbreds, and four year old Northern hemisphere thoroughbreds, and spans, unsurprisingly, a mile of dirt track. Fiercely, these young horses with their riders compete for the 1 million dollar prize that is at stake.

Thirdly, the UAE Derby comes in with double the prize money of the Godolphin Mile. It is a Group 2 race that features three year old thoroughbreds on an 1,800 meter dirt track. Briefly, this race was increased to 2,000 meters, however the change did not stick and it was reverted to its original form shortly after.

Fourth on the rolls is the Dubai Gold Shaheen, a Group 1 race that is on a relatively short 1,200 meter track. All the three year old or above thoroughbreds that run in this race positively tear across the dirt course in what can only be described as a sprint of a race for the considerable 2 million dollar purse on offer.

Learn more about the World Cup (the richest horse race) in this video from March 2008

Moving up through the prize money is the 5 million dollar Dubai Sheema Classic (Group 1), which was once known as the Dubai Turf Classic. Despite the change in name, it is still run on a 2,400 meter turf course, and is for thoroughbreds of ages 4 and above.

Another similar race, also with a 5 million dollar purse is the Dubai Duty Free Stakes (Group 1). Like the Sheema Classic, it features thoroughbreds aged 4 and above, however it is a much shorter race at 1,777 meters but still on turf. Expect excitement as the horses hold nothing back from the very start to win this one.

Lastly, but certainly not least is the Dubai World Cup itself. Naturally it is a Group 1 race, and lasts all 2,000 meters of dirt track. Hallmarked by its 6 million dollar purse, it is the crowning glory of horse racing in Dubai. Nothing can detract from its splendor and prestige.

Horse racing in Dubai is one of the most glorious sights that certainly must be seen while in the nation. If you do happen to visit Dubai be sure to try to coincide your trip with the World Cup, as it is an experience that you will possibly never forget.

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