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Dune Bashing in Dubai is Scarry Fun!

Hi hi, Kish here to talk about dune bashing in Dubai

Dune bashing is one of my favorite things to do in Dubai.

I have told Sunil to come with me but we just haven’t had the time to go together.

It’s one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping activities you can do in Dubai city.

It’s perfect if you are adventurous!

And if you’re not, don’t worry.

You can always go slow and take your time.

When you go dune bashing in Dubai, you will have a few choices of vehicles.

You can get a four-wheel drive vehicle, a quad bike or a motorbike. The concept is very simple.

You simply ride with a skilled driver over sand dunes while you complete some of the most amazing stunts that the driver can think of to do. This includes everything from sliding down the highest of the sand dunes to jumping off a dune and into the air or just cruising on the sand dunes at shockingly high speeds.

Most of the time you can find dune bashing in Dubai as part of the desert safari tours which usually add it on as an afternoon of fun. Almost any package that you book that takes you to Dubai will either include it or you can add it on for a small fee.

You can usually add it on for under $40 per person. Or you can just show up at the dune bashing station and pay around $50 per person or $300 to rent a six seater that comes with a driver.

Dune bashing in Dubai is held mostly on Thursday and Friday in the red sand dunes along the Hatta road to the east of Dubai, although you can find other smaller dune bashing locations throughout Dubai.

Though it could be fun lol, it is absolutely not recommended that you try this with your rental car because you will certainly get stuck, so it is important that you do this as part of a package and only ride with experienced dune bashing companies or riders.

If you want to do it on your own I think 20 minutes of practice will get you comfortable enough with the speed and to master the balancing required. You can give it a try if you are daring enough! But this is just if you want to cruise on the sand, not if you want to do flips and fly in the air!

Driving over the dunes should only be left to the experienced off road driver as it takes certain skills that most regular drivers do not have. It is not for the weak hearted either. It is exhilarating to say the least. So make sure your heart is in good condition before you go. I certainly don’t recommend it for someone with a heart attack history.

You climb your way over sand dunes just like when you drive up a mountain, climb to the very top of these amazingly high sand walls and with your wheels spinning you zoom down the side at some of the fastest speeds allowed.

You can flip very easily or at the very least, crash onto the side of the next dune. The vehicle you are in will be jumping wildly and there is no question you will scream in both exhilaration and fear. How is that for an adventure?

If you get scared easily or get car sick this may not be the “ride” for you. The “roads” are quite rigorous and you need to check to make sure the guide or driver has a knowledge of everything he needs to take you out dune bashing in Dubai so that there will be no problems.

There are times in which you risk crashing or landing upside down and there is a very slight chance you may get hurt. However, for any adrenaline junky like me this is far and wide one of the most heart-pumping, adrenaline rushing activities you can do in your life.

To clarify, you will not be doing the driving, nor should you want to actually. It is arranged by tour companies simply for the thrill of letting you ride in the 4WD vehicle to get the experience of a lifetime.

The view is amazing and during the ride if you have a chance you should try to take in the scenery of dune after dune after dune. Go ahead and take a small digital camera with you (just be careful with it). You can snap random photos and even take like footage as you are cruising.

Dune bashing in Dubai truly is not only exciting but breathtaking at the same time. I recommend it to anyone into off-roading, extreme sports or if you are simply into fun and adventure! If you are planning on going to Dubai to visit and have fun, you HAVE TO go dune bashing to make your Dubai entertainment experience even more unforgettable.

I highly recommend the 4 x 4 desert safari tour, during which you can go dune bashing and sand boarding in the desert. Sunil and I love this one.

I can never wait until the next time I go again!

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