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Electrical Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to talk about electrical engineering jobs in Dubai

I just had a buddy move to take up an engineering job in Dubai so I will try to relay as much of the good stuff I’ve learned to you.

He was recruited by a construction company and is currently part of the team working on a residential development near the Burj Dubai tower.

As the endless construction in Dubai goes on and on, with more and more projects at various stages of completion, electrical engineers are required for a variety of tasks that these new buildings need done in order to be completed.

The sheer scope of the number of different jobs that the projects Dubai has been carrying out have created truly defies imagination.

Any Particular Expertise Required?

Honestly speaking, there is a demand for electrical engineers in Dubai that are well versed in most any sort of field in particular.

Due to the heavy tie-ins with construction, if you have, say, a strong electrical contracting background, with large building contractors, then that could be a huge advantage.

With a solid range of skills, there should be no shortage of opportunities. Depending on the job on offer, some companies may decide on various specific experience backgrounds such as, perhaps, in managing teams of engineers, and the sort.

An example of such diverse expertise requirements can be in the form of a job posting that listed that any candidate applying would have to have experience in electrical lighting, power, low current, security systems, as well as IT and fire alarm systems in various types of buildings. This particular job also requires that the applicants be familiar with relevant codes and local authority requirements.

Another such job, on the other hand, required, first and foremost the ability to write specifications and oversee general designs and calculations. This second job tends to favor more of a management role, with good people skills as well as personnel management skills also being essential.

What to Expect in Engineering Jobs in Dubai?

Most Dubai companies expect their expat electrical engineers to be leader, and very often managing teams of others, as given in examples earlier. However, some other firms tend to lean more towards consultancy, so if a hands-on approach, or one that entails conducting groups of people does not appeal, there probably is with someone else. No matter what role is played, Dubai culture values hard work and rewards it accordingly.

As always, salary and incentives of working in Dubai continue to be substantially, making it a chance of a lifetime opportunity for anyone willing to take in a bit of sun during the summer. In addition, with the constant growth of opportunities as more and more expansion takes place, the experience that can be garnered in a few short years of work in Dubai could be the difference between landing an excellent job in the future, or a merely passable one.

Unfortunately, advancement in electrical engineering jobs in Dubai is just as limited as other fields, with most work opportunities for expats being handled on a contractual basis. Naturally, this is mitigated by the sheer experience, but if advancement is what you are after, then it might be worthwhile looking specifically for those companies that are open to the prospect of expat employees rising through the ranks in true career advancement.

For as long as the construction lasts, a steady stream of electrical engineering jobs in Dubai will be available. These opportunities will only grow as construction grows. And the way Dubai is taking strides, it doesn’t seem like anything is ending anytime soon.

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