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Emirates Airlines Review - Safety, Pricing, Experience & Options

With over 2400 flights departing from terminal 3 in Dubai soaring across 6 continents, and embracing 70 countries and 130 destinations, Emirates is dubbed the largest and most stupendous airline carrier in the world.

Since their inception in 1985, Emirates first made history in 2001 with the acquisition of 58 state of the art aircrafts valued at a staggering $15 billion, which included a mix of Boeing and Airbuses.

The saga continued with some of the biggest deals in aviation history starting with 42 – 777 Boeing Aircrafts at an astounding $9.7 billion, and the biggest order in the history of Boeing, 50 - 777-300ERs at a cost of $18 billion.

Today, this modern and the youngest commercial aviation fleet comprises of more than 230 aircraft, which have shuffled more than 35 million passengers, and moved approximately 1.8 million tons of cargo across the globe.

Emirates in Cabin Experience – A Class Apart

Whether you travel first, business, premium economy or economy, the one thing lacking is “Ordinary” service. The flight crew somewhat resembles the United Nations, where they are handpicked from over 120+ nations, and are able to communicate in over 80 languages.

Furthermore, the cabin crew typically comprises of under 30 year olds, attractive, thin, warm, friendly and extremely courteous.  The perks of getting yourself a first or business class ticket are immense and begin from home.

Getting any one of these premium tickets entitles you to a chauffeured driven car and not just any set of wheels, but we’re talking Lincolns and Mercedes, which ensures you arrive in style. Furthermore, you get complete access to a world class lounge at the airport, which is usually appointed with leather seating, a fully stocked bar, tantalizing cuisine and amenities such as Wi-Fi and showers.

If it’s your first time aboard an Emirates flight, you will find the cuisine fascinating, and that’s just the way they do things. Where other airlines usually axe on meal size or cut on onboard catering, the culinary experience onboard an Emirates flight simply rivals some the finest chic restaurants in the world, and of course if you’re a first or business class passenger, you can top it off with wines that simply impress.

Truth is that indulging in this type of quintessential service helps you set the benchmark on what you will expect in the sky going forward.

On-Board Entertainment Options

Emirates is the first airline in the world to introduce back seat screens and an onboard personal entertainment system in 1992. If you think this entertainment interface also known as ICE gives you a few channels to get by, try over a 1000 channels, language learning lessons, generous screen sizes and games.

This entertainment smorgasbord is simply filled with surprises starting with Emirates’ OnAir Wi-Fi starting at $2.95, and a satellite phone bolstered into every seat for onscreen email/SMS services.

Pricing Options

Apart from their world class cabin experience, the next intriguing characteristic would have to be their fares and routes.

With non-stop flights daily from Dubai to Seattle economy class priced as $1375 and from Dubai to Heathrow @ $870 compared to $1449 aboard American Airlines to Seattle via two stops, and the latter via 1 stop at $500, Emirates definitely rivals its competitors.

Though the airlines amenities may translate to a higher price tag, they do guarantee a memorable experience that could probably be the some of the best highlights of your trip.  

Connectivity of the Emirates – Just Like Southwest is to Texas

From its efficient and sprawling hub in Dubai, Emirates brings their unprecedented hospitality to practically every tip of the globe. Dubai’s strategic location in the midst of the world gives Emirates the leverage to conveniently connect to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Their direct flights to destinations are some of the many that other airlines neglect such as New Zealand, South Africa, Durban and Newcastle in the U.K.

Wherever you choose to fly with Emirates, you will find that Dubai is often an ideal stopover location, and is one that surely won’t disappoint. Whether you’re boarding a non-stop flight from Sydney to Christchurch every day of the week or the famed non-stop flights from Dubai to Paris, Emirates is the only airline in the world that offers non-stop flights to all six continents from one location.

On the Ground Experience

Just like your Emirates flight experience begins from home, it ends at your doorstep. The ground staff is extremely courteous and there are no long queues or tedious baggage handling procedures.

In fact, costs associated with extra luggage are usually waivered, with generous baggage allowances, but this may vary depending on flight and location. Surprisingly, baggage handling and transfers in Dubai are rather seamless considering the overwhelming size of the terminal.

Emirates Airlines Safety Record

Emirates operates some of the latest aircraft in the aviation industry, which are maintained regularly at their dedicated engineering facilities in their homeland.

Adding to this, they’ve only has 3 minor incidents with no casualties in its 27+ year history.

Why Should You Choose Emirates Airlines?

In short, the list is extensive, but below are a few that are over the top!

In 2013, Emirates ranked no 1 according to Skytrax – the world’s largest airline review site, which takes into account ratings from over 18 million passengers from 150 different countries.  

Emirates is one of the few airlines in the world that has a fleet of all wide-body aircraft.

Terminal 3 in Dubai – home to the Emirates is the largest of its kind in the world and spans across 370 acres or 1,500,000 sq. m. and built at a whopping cost of over $4.5 billion.

Emirates is a major sponsor of the some of the world’s most prestigious events including FIFA and the Melbourne Cup.

Emirates plans to expand its fleet to over 400 aircrafts by the 2018.

External Reviews and Ratings of Emirates Airlines

Emirates in one of the few airlines in the world that has won awards every year since its inception. Some of the notable honors include the best airline to the Middle East award by Executive travel – UK, and the legendary Skytrax best airline award in 2002 and 2013, which is determined by reviews by 18 million passengers from 150 different countries.

Astounding, Superior, Memorable, these are just a few adjectives that best describe the Emirates Airline, and some you will definitely experience when you fly with them.

Personally, we both feel this is one of the best airlines in the world, and that comes from two people who travel quite frequently. If you haven’t tried Emirates yet you are seriously missing out on one of the best travel experiences.

Consider flying Emirates on your next trip. You can use our discount link to save money on your airfare. You can shop for discounted flights here.

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